Blenz just launched these delicious real raspberry drinks

May 16 2017, 6:15 pm

The summer’s almost here and you’re craving some thirst-quenching drinks.

Given that, you’ll be happy to hear that Blenz Coffee just added some new refreshing fruit-based drinks to their menu today that you’ll want to try.

Both the Shaken Raspberry Iced Coffee and Raspberry Cinnamon Hot Chocolate are hitting Blenz Coffee menus today. Rain or shine, you’ll have new fruity options to suit your taste and even the weather.

The best part? They’ll be made with 100% real raspberries.

When the sun is beaming down you can opt for the Shaken Iced Coffee and enjoy the blend of tangy raspberry with iced coffee, raspberries, and organic agave – shaken for a frothy finish.

Drink it as you walk the seawall wearing flip flops before stopping at Third Beach to catch a few rays. Or, grab one on your way home from work to cool down or when the air conditioning at your place isn’t enough to keep you temperate.

For the days when you’re wearing rain boots and the weather is not accommodating your need for Vitamin D, just choose the fruity drink that will warm your soul.

The Raspberry Cinnamon Hot Chocolate is the famous Blenz hot chocolate – except this version is even better. It’s made with real raspberries and a dash of cinnamon so you’ll taste a range of sweet tones and fresh, natural goodness.

And it gets even better. You can customize this drink to how you would like it. Dairy-free, with coconut milk, or dark chocolate. All you have to do is choose and change it up.

So, both new drinks on the Blenz Coffee menu are ideal for whatever weather spring brings.

For more information and the to find a store near you, check out Blenz Coffee on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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