5 tips to make your next bikini wax go smoothly

Dec 20 2017, 1:44 am

Bikini waxes aren’t fun, so we don’t want to insult you by trying to pretend that they aren’t so bad. But, we’ve learned that they can be better if you prep properly and follow a specific post-service grooming regime.

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Here are some tips from Yaletown’s newest wax and nail bar The Ten Spot that will make your next bikini wax session go much more smoothly.

1. Exfoliate like crazy

The worst part of a wax has to be the ingrown hairs. That’s when your technician individually plucks the hairs that didn’t come out with the wax. It’s never fun.

To avoid ingrown, repeat after me: Exfoliate, exfoliate, and exfoliate. This means not just before your waxing session but regularly as part of your ongoing beauty regime. The Ten Spot recommends a dry exfoliation pre-shower, and then repeating once again in-shower for double duty buffing action.

Exfoliating will not only help eliminate in-growns, but also helps remove dead skin cell for a cleaner wax.

2. Stock up on ingrown hair cream

Beauty gurus swear by ingrown hair creams that are known to be hugely effective. They get rid of ingrown, bumps and irritation with a light and safe dose of acid which helps top skin cells slough off.

Always at the top of the list of ingrown hair creams is PFB Varnish that comes in an easy roll-on, fragrance-free dispenser.

3. Let it grow

For any bikini waxing service, the hair should be approximately one to two centimetres long, which is the ideal length for the wax to stick and for the hair to come out nice and clean. This usually means waiting about four weeks between waxing appointments. Patience is key, ladies.

If you’re in a dire situation (read: impromptu pool party) grab the clippers and do a little trimming if it’s too long.

4. Medicate…or distract yourself

If your pain threshold is seriously low, rumour has it that taking some Advil before your appointment helps dull the pain. If that’s not enough, we suggest a topical numbing cream that you can get at your local drugstore.

From experience, we also find distractions help, which is why we love the Apple TV set-ups in treatment rooms. Netflix and chill…

5. Choose your service carefully

If you’re hypersensitive to a regular wax, you’ll want to consider a hard wax for the more sensitive areas, close to the goods. Hard wax is much better as it adheres only to hair, and not skin, resulting in a much less painful wax. It’s a bonus for reducing skin irritation and lifting.

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