Share the Road Challenge: What's the fastest way to get around Vancouver?

Dec 19 2017, 11:19 pm

Eleven teams of bike, car and transit riders started from various locations across Metro Vancouver to see who could commute to downtown Vancouver the quickest. Competitors included Mayor Robertson who commuted on his bike for City of Vancouver’s team as well as members from our very own Vancity Buzz.

Biking to work is not only the healthiest, most affordable and greenest way to commute, it’s also much faster than most people think. In the Share the Road Challenge, bike commuters often ended up beating their car-driving counterparts. This friendly challenge put the theory that cycling is slower than driving to the test.

Each member of the Vancity Buzz team began their commute off at Cambie and Broadway where they each took off in various directions to arrive at the London Drugs Plaza. Casey Era rode a bike to the desired destination, Kyle Rasode journeyed by transit and Harpreet Shergill drove her way to London Drugs. Each set off at 8:46 a.m. in hopes of beating their teammates to the desired destination.

The first to arrive was Rasode within 25 minutes, the second was Era with 30 minutes and the last was Shergill with 40 minutes.

Here is what each of them had to say about their commute:

Kyle Rasode

“The Share The Road Challenge was a great experience. Comparing the same commute with members of the team and seeing the results was eye opening. Normally, I would think that transportation by car would always be the quickest, but that was immediately proved wrong as my method of public transportation followed by the bicycle were clear winners in terms of time, quality of the trip, and overall financial benefit. After this event, I will definitely think twice when planning my commutes.”

Casey Era

“When beginning a normal day, not much is thought of in terms of thinking of alternate transportation. What feels like a normal routine was altered for the Share The Road Challenge. My regular transportation method would be to take public transit from the bus to the SkyTrain to get my to my destination. As I was the team member who rode the bicycle, I was forced to switch my routine first thing in the morning. This experience was surprisingly great. I would have previously thought that by taking a bike to work I would be faced with multiple problems including possible lengthy delays. However, this was quickly proved wrong as I immediately noticed that my trip had health benefits as well as an overall better experience to the start of my day.

My trip timing was also a very minor difference, if not quicker then normal. This being said, I will definitely rethink my normal trip of transportation on not only occasions but as well on a daily basis.”

Harpreet Shergill

“I was surprised to see that it took the car the longest to arrive. Not only was I stuck in traffic on the way to the location, but it also took a longer amount of time to find parking around the area. I found that driving was not only frustrating but it was quite costly, as parking for the workday cost well over ten dollars. One way streets, pedestrians and disgruntled drivers made the whole experience even more stressful. This experience definitely made me consider investing in a bus pass or a bicycle instead of relying on my car.”

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