Bike repair stations hit streets of Vancouver

CityStudio students from SFU and UBC bring bike repair stations to the streets of Vancouver in support of the growing cycling culture in the city. The project aligns with The Greenest City 2020 Action Plan in encouraging sustainable transportation and providing tools free for use for cyclists who need an on-the-go repair.

“This is awesome, we should have more of these in the city”, says student and avid cyclist GP Mendoza, “they open up future potential for cyclists of all ages and abilities”. Having access to tools for free, as well as being near a high-traffic bike route, will benefit and ease the ride of anyone with a bike.

In partnership with the City of Vancouver’s Bike Vancouver initiative and the Vancouver South Lions Club, this pilot project will pioneer two stations donated by DERO and Urban Racks. The stations will be located in the Woodwards Atrium on the W Hastings entrance, and Science World next to the air pump.

On Saturday, April 6th, a station will be on display, and the team will be hosting a workshop and bike ride beginning at 11am from the Science World location for those who want to pick up a couple of tips, and go on a short bike ride. The aim is to test the viability of the project in order to evaluate the possibility of developing 8 more stations in the future. So grab a bike and see for yourself what these stations can do for you.