Year in Review: Biggest food stories of 2015

Dec 20 2017, 3:23 am

As we plan out our last meals of 2015, we’re taking a look at the year that was in food news in Vancouver. From a spooky floating relic of Expo ’86 to so many things Starbucks and the restaurants that had us talking, here are our biggest food stories of 2015.

Rare look inside abandoned McBarge floating restaurant in Burrard Inlet (VIDEO)

Courtesy Vancouver's Worst Ghost Hunters

Courtesy Vancouver’s Worst Ghost Hunters

Vancouver’s Worst Ghost Hunters, a group of comedians set out with a camera and a plan to board the McBarge  and not only investigate if it is haunted as rumoured, but also to eat a McDonalds cheeseburger on the boat. Mission accomplished, and the result is their video boasting rare glimpses of the rotting floating McDonald’s called Friendship 500 left over from Expo ’86. Great news came at the end of this year: The McBarge is getting a pricey makeover and new lease on life…but the details are a secret.

May 14 is National Caesar Day

For the first year ever, Canada marked “National Caesar Day” on May 14. The beloved bev was invented in 1969 in Calgary by barman Walter Chell to mark the opening of a new Italian restaurant. While Calgarians have long celebrated their own Caesar Day, the whole country was finally bestowed with an “official” day for the spicy, briny, boozy, tomato-y cocktail. Hail, Caesar!

In-N-Out Burger in Metro Vancouver for one day

It’s quite possibly the best day of the year, or a close second to a birthday or Christmas. It’s the day that California’s In-N-Out Burger pops up in Langley with their food cart and their world-famous Double Double burgers and fries. And just like their name, after those few precious hours of being in Metro Vancouver, they are out again…

Wine, beer, and tapas coming to Starbucks Canada this year

Well, this one has left us whining and wanting, since it didn’t come to fruition in 2015. Starbucks Canada did, however, add La Boulange baked goods, cold brew and fizzy add-ons, coconut milk, real pumpkin in their PSL, ordering and paying ahead, and two of us VcB editors for a day.

BC’s new liquor laws: 4 things you should know on April 1

The times, they are a-changing, and this year in British Columbia, laws regulating the liquor industry opened up just a wee bit in their oh-so-bureaucratic and red tape-laden way, to allow for a few new ways to experience alcohol. We broke down the new laws to help consumers navigate this new chapter in liquor.


Jollibee Vancouver location to open soon part of Canada expansion

The largest fast food chain in the Philippines announced their expansion into Canada, and that means Vancouver could soon have the chance to order up our very own Cheesy Mushroom Bacon Yumburgers and Chickenjoys. But we’re still waiting!

Snorting chocolate has come to Vancouver

If you’ve ever been curious about snorting chocolate, it happens to be a real thing, and it’s now being offered by a local shop. You’ll find this curious Belgian import pastime at Vancouver’s quirky Commercial Drive Licorice Parlour.

15 Starbucks hacks guaranteed to save you money

More from the world of Starbucks, only this time it’s insider tips on over a dozen ways to shave some money off your order (though possibly also pissing off your barista).

12 great Vancouver cafés for when you need to get stuff done

Deadline? Term paper due? WiFi out at home? We rounded up a list of 12 terrific Vancouver cafés where the internet is humming, seating is plentiful, and there is good stuff to eat and drink. Happy working!

7 most anticipated Vancouver restaurant openings of 2015

Luis Valdizon/Giardino

Luis Valdizon/Giardino

It was a damn good year for new restaurants in 2015, and we could tell by the middle of the year there were going to be a lot of contenders for the very best of the new spots by the time 2015 wrapped up. At the year’s mid-way point, we named our favourites…and a few of them ended up making it on our final Best New Restaurants of 2015 list, too.


Bonus: The best of the bests

Here are the five best Vancouver food roundups published in 2015. So meta! Happy eating…

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