Major landmarks across Canada will be turning purple this month

Sep 7 2018, 5:03 am

September is national Big Brothers Big Sisters Month (BBBS) and to celebrate, a number of famous landmarks across Canada will be lit purple.

Big Brothers Big Sisters


Over the course of the month, the BBBS of Canada will be launching their national campaign – “Imagine Who We Will Become.”

It’s an initiative that recruits mentors and raises funds to help support and encourage youth across Canada.

Big Brothers Big Sisters


Four different themes that represent the key pillars of the organization are celebrated on a weekly basis – be smart, be proud, be you, and be loud.

Last year’s campaign was BBBS’ most successful event in history. The organization received 3,886 volunteer inquiries, almost instantly filling the need for 4,000 youth mentors. This year, they’re hoping to surpass that number.

Big Brothers Big Sisters


To raise awareness, on Tuesday, September 18, the following landmarks in the following provinces will light up in purple.

Toronto: The CN Tower and Toronto Sign

Vancouver: BC Place, Rogers Arena, Vancouver City Hall, and Lafarge Lake

Victoria: The Steamship Terminal

Calgary: Reconciliation Bridge and Calgary Tower

London: London City Hall, Forks of the Thames

Montreal: Olympic Stadium

Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls

Victoria: The Royal BC Museum

Halifax: Halifax City Hall

Big Brothers Big Sisters


For more information, or to help support the cause, you can check out their website.

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