How to survive your partner's 'man-cold'

Jan 10 2020, 3:45 am

The one thing worse than having a cold? When your partner has the ‘man cold.’

You know the drill: suddenly, both of your lives are completely consumed by sneezing, sniffling, and congestion. Your partner has transformed from a functioning member of society into a blanket-wrapped, human burrito of melodrama.

It’s started to snow across Canada, marking the official start of ‘man cold’ season. Yes, that time of the year when the common cold attacks the male species more aggressively than any other.

The tell-tale signs can include the insistence that all members of their household share their misery, a reluctance to effectively treat their cold, and providing a full play-by-play of how their symptoms are the ‘worst ever’ and ‘no one suffers like they do.’ Honestly, the true victims of the man cold are the courageous partners who stick by their side through this truly difficult time.

Everyone knows that having a cold sucks. Your immune system is under attack and you can feel run down for an average of one to two weeks — but with the man cold, this can feel like a lifetime.

So how do you, as the partner of someone dealing with the man cold, survive your partner’s illness? We’ve rounded up our top tips to help you (and your relationship) make it through.

Show some TLC

At the end of the day, you want your partner to enjoy life to the fullest, and he can’t do that when the man cold hits. Although you may feel like rolling your eyes at his expressions (and exaggerations), showing a little empathy and making him some tea or soup will help him relax on his path to recovery. As a bonus: drinking hot beverages is proven to help temporarily reduce cold symptoms – giving you both some relief.

Arranging a movie night is another way to help him chill out while he’s in the throes of it all. He’ll be thankful for your support and the fact that you haven’t left him solo.

Use the right tools

Nasal spray/Shutterstock

Certain things can take a village to overcome: raising a child, ending your Netflix subscription, and shaking off bad driving habits — the man cold no longer makes this list. That’s because new BETADINE Cold Defence Nasal Spray exists. This antibiotic-free nasal spray is the ultimate tool to gift your other half since it’s clinically proven to defend against colds when used at the first sign.

The spray helps shorten the duration of a cold to help them feel better faster, while soothing and hydrating the nasal passage and relieving congestion and a runny nose, too. There’s no prescription needed, so it can be purchased over the counter, and it’s suitable for both adults and kids (ages 4 and older).

For your sake as much as your partner’s, visit your nearest pharmacy or retailer to pick up a BETADINE Cold Defence Nasal Spray and make the man cold a thing of the past!