6 great women’s fitness clubs in Vancouver

May 11 2017, 2:56 am

Gymming is an art form, once you find your sweet spot then your workout will show it. If it’s easier for you to focus in a same-sex environment then go for it, there are loads of options out there, and all that girl power is bound to help motivate you.

But women’s only gyms are about so much more than just avoiding manly grunts and dirty equipment. They foster female empowerment and sisterhood. As an additional plus the equipment is geared towards girls, so you’ll find far more weight options going up in 2.5-pound increments.

So to help you find your exercise mecca here’s our list of Vancouver’s best local options if you’re ready to get sweaty.

30 Minute Hit Vancouver

Image: 30 Minute Hit / Facebook

Working out doesn’t have to be an all day affair. In fact you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in just 30 minutes. And what better way to work up a sweat after a long day in the office, than by punching kicking and just generally attacking a silicone dummy? A little catharsis feels pretty good.

Address: 1675 Kingsway
Website: 30minutehit.com
Phone: (604) 254 4269

Blythe Toning Studio

Image: Blythe Toning Studio

Blythe Toning Studio is a dream exercise facility; it’s basically half workout studio, half spa. Complete with a sauna, towel service, and fruit infused water, you’ll be motivated to hit the gym for more reasons than just fitness. Blythe offers both personal training and group fitness classes.

Address: 2620 Arbutus St
Website: blythetoningstudio.com
Phone: (604) 559 9771

GoodLife Fitness

Image: Good Life Fitness / Facebook

GoodLife for Women is one of the few female-only gyms in Vancouver – it’s not just a ladies section, it’s the entire gym. They offer the works: cardio, free weights, and machines.

Address: 1401 W 8th Ave
Website: goodlifefitness.com
Phone: (604) 733 9991

Sunberry Fitness

Image: Sunberry

Fun fitness classes are what Sunberry is known for. Women drive from as far as Langley to work out here because the classes are that excellent. They lead cardio dance fitness classes to hip-hop, pop, and 90’s beats. Check out their website for videos of what these ladies get up to.

Address: #440 – 4400 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond
Website: sunberryfitness.com
Phone: (778) 709 0351

She’s Fit

Image: She’s Fit

Despite being connected to the co-ed Club 16 gym, She’s Fit offers a separate entrance and closed off walls so you can get your groove on distraction free. In addition to all the conventional equipment, She’s Fit also has a separate 30-minute circuit zone.

Address: #50-1055 Canada Place
Website: shesfit.com
Phone: (604) 558 1600


Image: YMCA

Like She’s Fit, the YMCA Women’s section is located within a co-ed gym. The ladies section is fully equipped with cardio machines, free weights, and a large circuit. As an additional perk, you can venture over to the co-ed part of the gym and enjoy a swim in the pool after you’ve completed your workout.

Address: 535 Hornby Street
Website: ywcavan.org
Phone: (604) 895 5777

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