10 inspirational Instagram yogis to follow in Vancouver

Feb 17 2017, 4:54 pm

Want to brighten up your Instagram feed with some yoga?

Then you’ll want to say namaste to these Vancouver yogis who are absolutely killing it on Instagram right now.

Taylor Odobas 

Hella gratitude right nows 🦄💕🌲 wearing @daubactive at @nectaryogabnb with @chantalyoga on her retreat! 📷 by @danielosurf

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Yoga lover and all around fitness junkie; Taylor spends her days hiking, biking, and practising yoga everywhere she goes. If you’re into outdoor yoga, this girl is a must follow for sure!

strong and resilient like a woman 💪🏽🦁#runningishard

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Aya Kristina

Aya is a full-time yoga and acrobatics instructor in Vancouver. She helps people push the limits of their flexibility and create breathtaking art using their bodies.

Chrystal Pearl

This Vancouver yoga queen (currently travelling to warmer climates) posts a mix of yoga poses and inspiration quotes. Her content is filled with good vibes to lift up your spirits.

Slava Goloubov

Feel the invisible force driving you deeper, let it carry you towards progress.

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Slava posts everything from yoga poses, and videos, to beautifully choreographed routines. His account goes deeper than simply posts and captions, he tries to inspire people to search deeper within themselves through thought provoking images.


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Tiffy Laz

Lover of life and luminary to all, Tiffy is a brand ambassador to the local yoga clothing line @myinnerfire.

Taylor Nicole

Stop always trying to just get by doing the least possible. Always try to do more. Always take the harder route. This is where growth, evolution, happens. ▪️ In a society that idolizes so-called “efficiency”, true determination toward your dreams is a radical act. There’s a difference between working yourself into the ground because you think you should and because you love something. ▪️What drives you? Have you paused lately to remember what it is, exactly, you’re striving for/toward? What you could back off or let go – and where you could push more?▪️ • • • • • • • • #fitness #yoga #yogi #yogaeverydamnday #dance #coordination #gymnast #gymnastics #contortionist #circus #fitchick #movementculture #strength #mobility #bodymechanics #flexibility #circusinspiration #inversionjunkie #inversion #balance #yogachallenge #inspiration #playfulness #pilates #yogisofig #instayoga #yogaphotography #bendy #quote

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This yogi practices the art of movement and has mastered control over her entire body. Taylor’s captions provide uplifting advice to help others become more mindful of their everyday lives.

It pains me to see people (women-identified people in particular) tearing each other down or making assumptions about complete strangers out of jealousy, insecurity, or some weird subconscious need for competition that has been engrained in us by society and social media. We need to remember that everyone has a story and struggles that we likely have no idea about. 🔸 When I see a badass person who is successful, inspirational, beautiful, generally rocking at life, I want to befriend, support, learn from them – not spread hatred behind their back. Please believe I am too busy hustling and trying to better myself every day to waste energy competing with or hating on anyone else. 🔸 External competition is an illusion. The only person I want to be better than is myself yesterday. We are all unique, we all have something of value to contribute. What would be possible if we spent less time judging, more time developing ourselves and lifting each other up? If we remembered that more for you does not mean less for me? 🔸

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Practitioner of yoga and calisthenic movements, this rad Vancouverite will have you thinking that it’s easy to balance on a a few fingers. A word of advice – it’s not.

Melissa Byrka

A scroll through Melissa’s feed will reveal peaceful quotes to help you relax and make it through your day. Melissa is a local yoga instructor who practices daily to keep the stress of life to a minimum.

Mélanie Ladybase

Acroyoga extraordinaire, Melissa is a fierce yogi lady who uses acroyoga to showcase strength in women.

Leave room for magic.

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Marcus Tong

Spread love and compassion in everything you do. — 📷: @johnbello.ca

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Practicing yoga all around Vancity is what this yoga master does best. Make sure to watch for him on your next stroll around Gastown.

Our potential is only limited to the barriers we create with our own mind. — 📷: @johnbello.ca

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