Most popular pizza chains in Canada ranked from worst to best

Feb 9 2021, 4:00 pm

Isn’t arbitrarily ranking things just the best? This time, it’s all about the most popular pizza chains in Canada, something we’re very passionate about.

It’s worth noting that, normally, we urge you to support local whenever you can, but we also understand that sometimes nothing hits the spot like a cheap and cheerful pizza from these national (or mostly national) chains.

So, when a pizza craving hits, which website are you hitting up to order a hot box of deliciousness from?

Whether this list helps you make your decision, or, if you have a strong opinion, ruffles your pizza-loving feathers, here are the most popular pizza chains in Canada ranked from worst to best.

6. Little Caesars


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Little Caesars’ secret is its sauce, it just hits differently than other major chains on this list. The problem is, not everyone is into it, so we gotta give it props without overdoing its ranking in general. Little Caesars also offers Crazy Bread. If you’re a fan of Crazy Bread all you need is those famous carb sticks and a marinara dip and you’re set for a delicious Saturday night.

5. Panago


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There’s nothing wrong with Panago’s pizza, we just wouldn’t opt for it first out of the lineup we’ve got going on in this list. If the brands were all next to each other up in front of us like a Bachelor rose ceremony, Panago would definitely make it to week five or six, but might not go all the way to the hometown episode.

4. Pizza Hut


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An oldie but a goodie. The legendary house of pizza known as Pizza Hut is coming in around the middle of our list. Despite what some might consider an overly-greasy ‘za, we like it just fine. Pizza Hut offers pan, hand-tossed, and thin-crust pizza, but really it’s the special stuffed crust varieties that are enough to land it here. The slightly higher price point keeps it from touching down closer to the top.

3. Papa John’s

When you think of major cheap pizza chains in Canada you might not think of Papa John’s right away, but this American brand has a bit of a cult following for a reason. This spot’s ‘zas are the definition of cheap and filling, and they never hold back on toppings, which is enough to rank this brand at number three.

2. Pizza Pizza


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If you’re living in a province where Pizza Pizza is up for grabs, we’d be surprised if you’ve never tried the national brand. The Toronto-based chain is really the go-to for any office party or generic celebration where people need to be fed quickly for a decent price. Pizza Pizza’s crust is best when paired with garlic dipping sauce, and if you don’t have that…well, it’s not the full Pizza Pizza experience in our opinion.

1. Domino’s

Sorry, not sorry. Any pizza place that serves up delicious pies alongside ooey gooey chocolate lava cakes for dessert is a winner in our book. Sides matter too, guys, and they definitely had something to do with how we ranked this list. For us, Domino’s embodies all the elements we look for in a pizza chain: cheap, cheerful, and quick. Admittedly, quality can vary depending on your location…so when you find a top-notch pizza artist in your area, stick with that store.

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