These are the best late-night dessert spots in Vancouver

Oct 25 2018, 2:10 am

Dessert is great at any time, but it has to be said that the best time of day for dessert is late in the evening after a satisfying dinner. There really is no better way to end the night.

There are plenty of quality eateries around Vancouver, however, only a select few offering dessert options for a super late-night sugar fix.

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The next time you’re in the mood for ice cream, cheesecake, tarts, or even Asian desserts late at night – we’ve got you covered with this list of the best late-night dessert spots around Vancouver.

Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe


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Bringing a little taste of Paris to Vancouver, Thierry Chocolatierie Patisserie Cafe is where to head to for all chocolate lovers. Here you can taste all sorts of French pastries and sweets, including macarons, croissants, brioches, and other small treats. Try out their liquid chocolate for an indulgent treat – they are open until midnight seven days a week.

Address: 1059 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-608-6870

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Doolami Dessert


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Doolami Dessert, located in Marpole, specializes in Asian flavours. It is one of the rare spots in town that has a variety of durian flavoured desserts. If you are a stranger to the spiky fruit which bears a distinct, pungent odour, it is definitely an acquired taste. The cafe is open every night, on weekends until midnight, and on weekdays until 11 pm, so if you are after a late-night Asian dessert fix, here’s where to go.

Address: 8030 Granville Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-737-7123

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An eatery specializing in Hong Kong-style desserts, Snackshot offers treats such as tofu pudding and different types of tong sui (Chinese sweet soups). The dessert shop is filled with mesmerizing decorations and memorabilia that are reminiscent of the streets of Hong Kong, and their desserts are known for being eye-catching and photogenic. They are open every night until midnight, so if you are in the area be sure to check it out.

Address: 7980 Granville Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-559-7980

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Breka Bakery


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Breka has been a Vancouver favourite since its opening in 2006. With several 24/7 locations across town (even on holidays), you can trust Breka Bakery for any late-night cravings for cake, pastries, or any sweet treats. If you’re a lover of affordable, around the clock, old school bakeries, Breka Bakery is the place for you.

Address: 818 Bute Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-620-8200

Address: 855 Davie Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-8080

Address: 6533 Fraser Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-325-6612

Address: 3750 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-620-3750

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Duffin’s Donuts


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This famous Vancouver joint is known not only for their doughnuts but for selling basically everything. There’s your usual assortment of sugar-glazed, cream or jelly-filled doughnuts for your late-night sugar fix, but they also have Mexican food, Vietnamese food, and even Chinese food – pretty much anything you could think up. It is truly indescribable and is open 24 hours a day to satisfy all of your needs.

Address: 1391 East 41st Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-325-5544

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Sweet Revenge Patisserie


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One of the only dessert-only restaurants in Vancouver, Sweet Revenge has everything you are seeking in a late-night dessert spot, whether or not you are on a date night, or out with friends. Along with their desserts, they have a selection of teas, coffee, and perfectly paired alcoholic drinks.

Address: 4160 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-879-7933


Cheesecake Etc


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Who doesn’t love cheesecake? A quintessential dessert, there is just something wholesome and comforting about a big slice of classic cheesecake. Cheesecake Etc, as the name suggests, specializes in a wide variety of cheesecake flavours including classic, chocolate, strawberry, and even matcha. They are also open until 1 am every night, so you can pop by for a late-night slice anytime.

Address: 2141 Granville Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-734-7704

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Soho Tea Room


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Soho Tea Room is known for its comforting, home-cooked-meal feeling it gives to patrons, as well as offering delicious bubble tea and desserts late into the night. If you are new to dessert toast be sure to try theirs. This dish consists of thick, sweet slices of bread topped with condensed milk, ice cream, and other toppings. It is definitely an indulgent treat.

Address: 3466 Cambie Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-873-3686

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True Confections


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With both Vancouver locations open seven days a week until midnight (and 1 am on Saturdays), True Confections is your spot for cakes, trifles, cheesecakes, and pies. If you like what you taste, you can also order whole cakes for special occasions – they take online orders too.

Address: 3701 West Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-222-8489

Address: 866 Denman Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-682-1292

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Milk & Sugar Cafe


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Milk and Sugar Cafe is the perfect local spot to head to for dessert with a group of friends – simple, delicious, and affordable. They are known for their affordable bubble tea, as well as their ice-cream which comes in a variety of Asian flavours such as matcha and ube (taro).

Address: 3365 Kingsway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-559-5477

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