Here's where to get the best hotdogs in Vancouver

Jul 17 2019, 12:39 am

Even though Vancouver is home to many a fine-dining experience, when it’s a dog day afternoon, sometimes you just simply need a classic hot dog.

The hot dog in concept is simple, yet adaptable. Basically, you need a bun (or a delivery device), a section of tube-shaped meat, and that’s all.

There are so many avenues to head down as far as toppings go, and even a veritable smorgasbord of meats (and non-meats) to use as your base.

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Some purists will claim that the salty warm meat alone is the crux of the dish, while others would argue that the dog itself is just part of the edible art-piece that is the handheld street-born bite to eat.

Getting creative, minding the price, and genuinely attempting to reinvent – or just perfect the standard hotdog – is something that catches our attention.

Check out the essential guide to must-try hot dogs in Vancouver.


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This Gastown eatery located in Blood Alley is a shallow joint — but only in its actual layout. The small shop is best known for their neon lights, mixed iced beverages, and tacos, but they also make one of the best hotdogs in town. It’s worth ignoring the rest of their menu and ordering, at least just once.

Address: 27 Blood Alley Square, Vancouver

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Easily the simplest dog on this list, it’s crucial not to skip on the Costco Food Court before, after, or during your shopping trip. Nothing works up an appetite for a bite like buying a lifetime supply of dove soap. The Costco dog is pure all-beef goodness, without the frills.

Address: 605 Expo Boulevard, Vancouver
Phone: 604-622-5050

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Two Rivers Specialty Meats


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This North Vancouver spot boasts a foot-long hot dog that is definitely worth seeking out if you’re a fan of epic weiners.

Address: 180 Donaghy Avenue, North Vancouver
Phone: 604-990-5288



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What began as the little-cart-that-could outside the Sutton Place Hotel, has turned into a dynasty of Vancouver stops. The Japanese-flavours-meets-tube-of-meat spot that is an absolute must-try for any true hotdog lover. Go ahead, try everything on their menu.

Address: 899 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-322-6465

Address: 530 Robson Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-569-1158

Address: Hot dog stand – Burrard and Pender Street, Vancouver

Address: Hot dog stand – Granville and Cordova Street, Vancouver

Address: Hot dog stand – 1200 Seguin Drive, Coquitlam

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Nat Bailey Stadium

Nat Bailey Stadium (aka the home of the Vancouver Canadians) is an awesome place to enjoy a great hotdog. One of the specialties of the stadium is the foot-long hotdog that brings you the exact same taste as the normal-sized one, just at an actual arm’s length. Again, we’re on the Nathan’s brand train with this spot.

Address: 4601 Ontario Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-872-5232


What’s Up? Hot Dog!

Where do you even start with What’s Up? Their one of the best places for hotdogs in the city. The mouth-watering selection of different dogs on offer here is above and beyond every other shop in the Lower Mainland.

Address: 2481 E Hastings Street, Vancouver BC
Phone: 604-879-8364

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