10 Best Ice Cream Spots in Vancouver: Menchie's

Dec 19 2017, 3:31 pm

Our journey through the 10 best ice cream (gelato and frozen yogurt included in the list) spots in Vancouver begins with the story of Menchie’s. The moral of the story: this place is irresistible. Trips to Menchie’s are like frozen yogurt fairy tales where you’re always the master. It doesn’t matter which flavours you mix or what toppings you put on. It’s your creation, so it rules.

Menchie’s staff cheerfully explain the process to first-timers, who are easily identified by their expressions of wonder when they walk in. The first stop is the wall of frozen yogurt with dispenser levers you pull yourself. Tiny cups happily help you sample flavours while regular cups and waffle bowls wait patiently for you to make up your mind.

10 best ice cream Menchie's

After you’ve layered your favourite yogurts, it’s time to dress it up. Toppings like fruit, brownies, cookie crumbs and hot caramel sauce all hope to be included in your frogurt masterpiece, which, at the end of it all, gets judged on its weight by the Menchie’s staff. Each ounce of magic costs 55 cents, letting you go as wild as your wallet allows.

10 best ice cream Menchie's

The pay-by-weight formula is one of many reasons why the Menchie’s franchise is destined for success and riches across the land. The yogurt is quality, sometimes even Wonka-like in its flavour accuracy.  They also keep the flavours rotating, giving both classic favourites and seasonal selections their fair share of the spotlight. Standouts include Cake Batter, Irish Mint, Red Velvet Cupcake and Frozen Hot Chocolate.

10 best ice cream Menchie's

Do you remember the moral? This place is irresistible. It will have you returning again and again. Judging by the crowds at the Cambie Street location, Vancouverites young and old are falling under the spell. Luckily, there are six other Menchie’s locations in Metro Vancouver, so if you’re in North Van, UBC, Burnaby, Surrey, Abbotsford, or Langley, prepare to fall in sweet, sprinkled love this summer.


Metro Vancouver Menchie’s on Facebook:



Lonsdale – North Vancouver

Highgate Village – Burnaby

Morgan Crossing – Surrey

Walnut Grove – Langley

Clearbrook Town Square – Abbotsford


Jon Keller works in education and travel. He’s eaten ice cream before. Connect with Jon on Twitter at @jonkeller8.

Images: Lucy Page

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