Best comfort food in Vancouver

Oct 29 2020, 4:00 pm

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Comfort food and Vancouver just go hand-in-hand.

Us Vancouverites put up with some chilly, rainy days, but quality homemade offerings from local purveyors can warm the cockles of our cold, West Coast hearts in no time.

We’re talking loaded poutines with squeaky cheese curds, gooey orders of mac and cheese, heaping plates of pasta, and piping hot bowls of ramen dotted with marinated eggs, seaweed, and corn.

Whether you want to keep it simple with tomato soup or get the crispy fried chicken dish of your dreams, Vancouver has it for you, foodies.

Here’s where to get the best comfort food in Vancouver.

Siegel’s Bagels


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For bagel lovers in Vancouver, it doesn’t get much better than Siegel’s. The spot makes authentic Montreal style bagels and offers a menu of breakfast and regular bagel sandwiches like Lox & Cream cheese and Montreal Smoked Meat. Siegel’s also just started national shipping, so no matter where you are in Canada, you can get the goods.

Address: 1883 Cornwall Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-737-8151

Address: Granville Island Public Market — 1689 Johnston Streets #22, Vancouver


Ramen Danbo


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Ramen Danbo checks off all the boxes, as it offers classic ramen, shio ramen, miso ramen, and negi-goma varieties too. In addition to serving up a deathly spicy ‚Äúrekka ramen,‚ÄĚ diners can order a vegan version of all items on their menu. This spot is so awesome there‚Äôs almost always a lineup around mealtimes, especially when it‚Äôs raining.¬†The best part?¬†Danbo delivers.

Address: 1333 Robson Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-559-8112

Address: 1833 West 4 Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-8977

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DownLow Chicken


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This much-loved Commercial Drive spot offers all the crispy, comforting Nashville hot chicken dishes you could dream of. Whether you’re grabbing a Chicken Sando or opting for Fries on the DL (our personal favourite), DownLow’s food always hits the spot.

Address: 905 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Phone: 604-283-1358

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Hey, Dumplings!


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This Russian dumpling spot offers seven varieties of savoury dumplings, including Pelmeni Poutine, Pesto, Vegan Beet Pesto, Spicy Ginger Scallion, Creamy Dill, Buffalo Hot Sauce, and Butter Chicken. Dessert selections include Berry Pelmini and homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream bars. Find it open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from noon to 7ish and Tuesdays at the Keefer Bar (135 Keefer Street).

Address: 208 Keefer Street, Vancouver

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La Belle Patate


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There is an eatery in Vancouver that offers both regular and deluxe versions of all-you-can-eat poutine, and they offer it in 17 different varieties. Poutine-crazy folks can head to La Belle Patate at 1215 Davie Street to enjoy AYCE doses of hand-cut double-cooked fries, fresh squeaky cheese, gravy, and toppings at just $19.50 for a regular, and $24.50 for the deluxe version.

Address: 1215 Davie Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-569-1215

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Kirin Seafood Restaurant


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Get award-winning Chinese food and one of the best dim sum spreads in Vancouver. Kirin never disappoints, and its price is very reasonable if you’re dining with a group. Reservations should be made ahead of time to ensure the restaurant can accommodate, so plan your comfort food eating sessions in advance if you can.

Address: 1172 Alberni Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-682-8833

Address:¬†City Square ‚Äď 555 W 12th Avenue #201, Vancouver
Phone: 604-879-8038

Address: 7900 Westminster Highway, Richmond
Phone: 604-303-8833




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Purebread is pretty much the ultimate place to head for any kind of baked good in Vancouver, so it’s got to represent the sweet comfort eats on our list. The piles and piles of freshly baked brownies, cookies, buns, and loaves are enough to make any treat lover swoon.

Address: 5 E 5th Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-336-9001

Address: 159 West Hastings Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-563-8060

Address: 2887 West Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-336-9670

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With French onion soup, gooey grilled cheese, and out-of-this-world mac and cheese on the menu, Burgoo is hands down one of the best places in the city to head to when comfort food cravings creep up. With five locations in and around Vancouver, you have tons of opportunities to get involved in some toasty, baked goodness.

Address: 101-1100 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-416-1444

Address: 3096 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-873-1441

Address: 2272 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-734-3478

Address: 3 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
Phone: 604-904-0933

Address: 4434 W 10th Avenue, Vancouver
Phone: 604-221-7839

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Anton’s Pasta Bar


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Metro Vancouver’s Italian restaurant scene is unreal, we’re the first to say it’s hard to pick just one pasta joint for our list of best comfort food. But really, Anton’s big menu, huge portions, and come-as-you-are dining room in Burnaby have earned its place here. Eat your huge plate of pasta and get rewarded with a free pen if you’re feeling ravenous.

Address: 4260 Hastings Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-299-6636

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Jam Cafe


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There’s nothing more comforting than an all-day breakfast joint if you ask us, so naturally, we had to put Jam on this list. Vancouverites can‚Äôt get enough of Jam Cafe‚Äôs humongous portions, and this spot‚Äôs consistent hour-long lines only speak to their popularity. Some of their signature dishes include the Charlie Bowl, Chicken French Toast, and Cinnamon Bun Pancakes.

Address: 556 Beatty Street, Vancouver
Phone: 778-379-1992

Address: 2153 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

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Juke Fried Chicken


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Okay, so the gluten-free fried chicken and ribs are enough to get us to order from Juke, but this Chinatown spot’s Corn Chicken Fritters are truly a must-try. These ooey gooey bites of wonder are the most comforting of comfort foods. If you haven’t tried them yet, we say it’s a good night to order in chicken.

Address: 182 Keefer Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-336-5853

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Meat & Bread


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It’s simple: they make sandwiches. Crispy Porchetta, Meatball, and a killer grilled cheese made with grated cheddar and shaved red onion are all on the menu at this OG local sandwich spot. Simple, straight up, and satisfying, you can’t go wrong with Meat & Bread.

Address: 796 West Broadway, Vancouver

Address: 625 Robson Street, Vancouver

Address: 370 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Address: 1033 W Pender Street, Vancouver


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