Best candy stores in Vancouver

May 30 2016, 10:33 pm

From boutique candy shops to mega stores selling all manner of sweets, here’s our list of Vancouver’s best candy stores.

Karameller Candy

Yaletown’s Karameller is a candy wonderland of sorts and offers customers a range of delicious neon-coloured sweets. Adults and kids alike will take great pleasure in filling up their paper bags with hard, soft, chewy, sour, and sugary Swedish candies. Each candy at Karameller is imported from Scandinavia and made from high quality ingredients, free from GMOs, trans fats, or high-fructose corn syrup.

30 – 1020 Mainland Street
Phone: 604-639-8325

Sugarfina at Nordstrom

Sugarfina at Nordstrom is one sweet destination. Located at the West Georgia and Granville entrance of the city’s newest department store import, this stylized candy store for adults offers an array of tempting gourmet goodies and pre-packaged sweet treats from around the world. The boutique’s shelves are lined with neatly displayed stacks of caramels and toffees, gummies, malt balls, licorice and more.

Nordstrom at Pacific Centre, 799 Robson Street 

Candy Kitchen

Located in the Public Market on Granville Island, the Candy Kitchen devotes itself to candies of all shapes and sizes. Get your hands on an assortment of sugary, sour, hard, colourful, and pre-wrapped candies and chocolates. The kiosk also carries a variety of collectible Pez dispensers, think My Little Pony, Scooby-Doo, and Despicable Me.

Address: 142 – 1689 Johnston Street
Phone: 604-681-7001

Sticky’s Candy

Satisfy your sugar cravings at Sticky’s Candy. With stacks of sugary treats, from Jawbreakers to Jelly Bellies, homemade fudge, imported U.S. and British confectionery, and pre-packaged treats, this chain specialty candy store provides the ultimate sugar rush. Grab a bag, a pair of tongs and get mixing.

Address: Multiple locations

Candy Aisle

It’s no wonder that the Candy Aisle is often referred to as a sweet-toothed bandits dream. The brightly-coloured Willy Wonka-inspired shop is packed to the gills with a staggering amount of candy. Bulk bins overflow with familiar favourites, like gummies, chocolate, licorice, lollipops and more. The pick-and-mix store also stocks an international candy selection of American and British confectionery.

Address: 2083 West 4th Avenue
Phone: 604-739-3330

Address: 625 Robson Street
Phone: 604-669-7898


House of McLaren

If you’re searching for some unique candy choices or you’re a Scotsman longing for home, you’ll be able find a range of Scottish treats at the House of McLaren. The shelves at this Gastown store are piled high with imported British and European sweets, like Edinburgh rock, bon bons, toffees, wine gums, licorice, boiled sweets and an impressive selection of fudge.

Address: 131 Water Street
Phone: 604-681-5442

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