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May 25 2017, 8:56 pm

Whether you like yours oozing with sauce, stuffed with cheese, blanketed with bacon, stacked impossibly high, or all of the above, burgers can draw fierce loyalties…and haters. But who in Vancouver makes the best?

We’re pretty spoiled for choice here, from the ol’ reliable street cart bargains to decadent artery cloggers you get a prize for finishing. Some can even be swapped out for veggie alternatives, if that’s what you’re into.

Here are our picks for the best burgers in Vancouver. You’ll let us know if you’ve got beef with ’em.


Pourhouse burger Vancouver

Photo courtesy Pourhouse (Christopher Flett)

The Pourhouse Burger is a blend of ground chuck steak and brisket. It is sandwiched between a homemade Scottish bap bun and topped with aged cheddar, pork belly, sweet caramelized onion, and dijon mayo. It’s salty, juicy, and ultra satisfying. For extra gratification diners can add a fried egg, and/or a slab of foie gras onto the already hearty heap. YOLO, baby.

Address: 162 Water Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @pourhouse

Moderne Burger

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Moderne Burger is known for two things: shakes and burgers. Their selection of shakes are notable but their burgers are even better. The classic diner in Kits offers up a mean burger platter. Their hand-made steak burgers are prepared daily and contain no preservatives or fillers, and are sure to get your taste buds revving.

Address: 2507 West Broadway, Vancouver

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Red Truck Beer’s Truck Stop

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You might have come to Red Truck for the beer (or the hang-out vibe) but you’ll stay…and come back…for the burger. Mosey on over to the Fuelling Station for a basic hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, or cowboy up for the Texas Burger, which comes with chopped brisket, chili, and chipotle sour cream.

Address: 295 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver
Instagram: @redtruckbeer

Monarch Burger 

All hail the king: Monarch Burger, Chef Robert Belcham’s pop-up turned permanent fixture at The American, is rocking the Vancouver burger scene. Open just since April 2017, Monarch has handily risen to the top of the burger fans’ charts. Here you can customize your burger with all sorts of add-ons, but your base will always be an impeccable juicy beef patty. Get ready to grab those napkins to sop up all that juicy goodness.

Address: 926 Main Street, Vancouver

Upstairs at Campagnolo

If you find yourself “Upstairs at Campagnolo” for brunch, sink your teeth into the restaurant’s infamous “Dirty Burger.” Generally served on a Scottish Bap (a soft, floury bun) Upstairs at Campagnolo’s brunch burger is loaded with a 40 day dry aged beef patty (ground in-house), American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and the restaurant’s secret sauce. Keep those napkins handy, especially if you choose to add a perfectly runny egg into the already hearty mix. It’s also the pre-cursor to this year’s standout freshman, Monarch Burger.

Address: 1020 Main Street, Vancouver
Instagram: @campupstairs


Photo courtesy Buckstop (Sean Neild)

Photo courtesy Buckstop (Sean Neild)

This West End “Barbecue Saloon” serves up a mean venison burger (stuffed with mushroom and blue cheese and topped with arugula, caramelized onion, bacon, and dijon aioli), but to keep us on our toes, they do a weekly Burger Monday night special with a different burger invention each time. The burger is available from 4:30 pm until they run out.

Address: 833 Denman Street, Vancouver

Mamie Taylor’s

Photo courtesy Mamie Taylor's

Photo courtesy Mamie Taylor’s

With a deliciously juicy beef patty, Mamie Taylor’s burger is classic and delicious. Toppings include a bacon relish, sharp cheddar, rosemary aioli, and tomato slices. Skinny fries round the meal off.

Address: 251 East Georgia Street, Vancouver

Alibi Room

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It’s impossible to overlook the crowd-pleasing All natural beef burger on the menu at The Alibi Room, one of Vancouver’s favourite craft beer hangouts. Served amidst a pool of fries, this guy’s got lettuce, tomato, and smoked onion mayo for the basic toppings, but you can add any or all of extras like cheddar cheese, bacon, or mushrooms. Save room for beer!

Address: 157 Alexander Street, Vancouver

Argo Cafe

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This Mount Pleasant pleaser is a contemporary reboot of the classic diner, and their real beef burgers are humble but delicious. Expect a substantial gourmet-style burger minus the gourmet high-end price tag at this eclectic, casual joint. They’ve recently scaled back their operations and are no longer doing dinner, so you can satisfy your burger craving there between 11 am and 4 pm.

Address: 1836 Ontario Street, Vancouver

Deacon’s Corner

Burgers are so sacred at the two locations of this diner that they get their very own menu. Charbroiled patties are dressed up in anything from a classic style to decked out “big mouth” style with all the trimmings, and served on brioche buns. Or you can have your epic Deacon’s Corner burger on a biscuit for a $1 more.

Address: 101 Main Street, Vancouver
Address: 3189 West Broadway, Vancouver
Instagram: @deacons_corner

To Dine For Eatery

Don’t be fooled by To Dine For Eatery’s nondescript location; the casual restaurant serves a delicious range of comfort-driven meals, including a concise yet mouthwatering selection of burgers. Go traditional with the Classic Cheese Burger (cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion. pickles, and a special house sauce), or be bold and try one of their more outrageous creations, like the PB & Bacon Burger. Yep, the PB is for Peanut Butter.

Address333 Terminal Avenue, Vancouver

No. 5 Orange

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No, this isn’t a test to see if you’ve read all the way to the end. Besides, we put the No. 5 Orange burger on our Best Burgers 2016 list, so it’s not a total curveball. Here’s the deal: A couple of years ago word got out that the food game at Vancouver’s well-known adult entertainment establishment (fine, it’s a strip club) had been much improved, and among the excellent offerings on their menu is a Bacon Cheeseburger that could make you forget where you are. Just kidding, you’re not likely to forget where you are here thanks to plentiful distractions, but at least you won’t be throwing your money away on lousy food.

Address205 Main Street, Vancouver
Instagram:  @no5orange

Compiled with the assistance of Jess Fleming and Karm Sumal

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