Best breakfast sandwiches in Vancouver

Jun 2 2016, 12:47 am

From overstuffed breakfast-inspired bagels to yolk-saturated English muffins, these handheld morning meals are the best that Vancouver has to offer.

Here is where to go to find the best breakfast sandwiches in Vancouver.


Breakfast Sandwich of the Day (Jess Fleming / Daily Hive)

Breakfast Sandwich of the Day (Jess Fleming / Daily Hive)

Nook’s Kitsilano branch whips up an array of delicious brunch plates, including a Breakfast Sandwich of the Day. While the fillings change from week to week, brunch goers can expect to discover something along the lines of this little beauty; bacon, egg, white cheddar, and smashed avocado. Sandwiched between two slices of wood-fired bread (made from the pizzeria’s own pizza dough), patrons will find it difficult not to scarf this sandwich down immediately.

Address: 1525 Yew Street, Kitsilano
Phone: 604-734-3381
Twitter: @Nookvancouver

Rosemary Rocksalt

This Montreal-style bagel specialist offers three kinds of overstuffed breakfast-inspired bagels, filled with an assortment of smoked meat, egg, cheese, and veggies. At Rosemary Rocksalt breakfast bagels are offered at any time of the day and served on whatever bagel flavour (Sesame, Poppyseed, or Rosemary Rocksalt) the customer desires.

Address: 2515 Main Street, Mount Pleasant
Phone: 604-874-4570

Address: 1669 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver
Phone: 604-929-1817

Twitter: @RoseRocksalt

Yolk’s Food Truck

Yolk’s egg-centric food truck features a variety of poached free-range egg sandwiches. Served on an English muffin or organic whole wheat ciabatta, with either double smoked bacon and arugula; hand-carved honey ham with spinach and house-made Dijon, or roasted Portobello mushroom, arugula, and aioli, Yolk’s breakfast sandwiches are a deliciously messy affair.

Address: The truck can be found mostly at 500 Burrard Street (at West Pender)
Twitter: @YolksBreakfast

Catch 122 Café Bistro

Naturally, a restaurant dedicated to brunch-inspired eats is bound to offer a breakfast sandwich of some description. Served on ciabatta, Catch 122’s brekkie sandwich is loaded with succulent pulled pork, a fried egg, gruyere cheese, and fresh arugula.

Address: 122 West Hastings Street
Phone: 604-731-3474
Twitter: @Catch122

The Birds & The Beets

Avocado & Slow Poached Brioche Sandwich (Jess Fleming / Daily Hive)

Avocado & Slow Poached Brioche Sandwich (Jess Fleming / Daily Hive)

The Birds & The Beets offers a lip-smacking avocado and slow poached egg brioche sandwich, although the word sandwich is used very loosely. Served on one thick slice of seeded brioche this open-faced sandwich is best eaten with a knife and fork.

Address: 55 Powell Street
Phone: 604-893-7832
Twitter: @birdsandbeets

Ed’s Daily

This neighbourhood café and commissary offers a range of grab-and-go breakfasts, including a handheld Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich. A fresh baked buttermilk chive biscuit is topped with a pile of cream spinach, fried free-range egg, aged white cheddar, and chipotle tomato jam. If something with meat is called for, Ed’s Daily also offers their brekkie sandwich with crispy maple bacon on it too.

Address: 686 Powell Street, Strathcona
Phone: 604-424-8708
Twitter: @edsdaily

The Red Wagon Cafe

Photo courtesy of The Red Wagon

Photo courtesy of The Red Wagon

Brought to you by chef/owner Brad Miller, this unpretentious diner-esque joint dishes up a range of mouthwatering temptations for brekkie, including buttermilk pancakes, a variety of Eggs Benny plates, Crisp Pork Belly, and a hearty Breakfast Sandwich. Comprised of house-made patties, two eggs, aged cheddar, tomato chutney, mayo, and arugula, this ciabatta based sandwich is sure to please the palate of any savoury eater.

Address: 2296 East Hastings Street
Phone: 604-568-4565
Twitter: @redwagoncafe

Trafiq Café and Bakery

In addition to offering cakes, croissants, and quiches, this French-style bakery prepares a moreish breakfast sandwich. Served on ciabatta, Trafiq’s starchy vessel is filled with a winning combination of crêpe style eggs (which can be likened to a thin omelette), swiss cheese, coleslaw, red pepper hummus, chipotle mayo, and lettuce.

Address: 4216 Main Street, Riley Park and Little Mountain
Phone: 604-648-2244
Twitter: @TrafiqCafe

Alibi Room

Alibi Room (Jess Fleming / Daily Hive)

Alibi Room (Jess Fleming / Daily Hive)

Those who can hold out until the weekend for a scrumptious breakfast sandwich and sit-down meal, should make a point to drop by The Alibi Room. The casual eatery whips up a simple, yet tasty, bacon, fried egg, and tomato sandwich. Presented on toasted sourdough, with roasted potatoes and greens, this handheld meal is best enjoyed with a cold craft beer.

Address: 157 Alexander Street
Phone: 604-623-3383
Twitter: @alibiroom

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