9 of the best barber shops in Vancouver

Oct 7 2016, 9:36 pm

It’s not only about the service, or the cut; it’s about the experience.

Thankfully, Vancouver is home to more hair wizards and hot shavers than you can shake a red-white-and-blue striped pole at.

Here are just a few of the best barber shops in Vancouver.

Bootleg Barbers

Image: Bootleg Barbers / Facebook

Image: Bootleg Barbers / Facebook

As hip as a hot shave and hair cut can get, this little gem tucked away at the back of SpaceLab in Chinatown is every bit as slick as its owner’s scissor-work.

Address: 230 E Pender Street
Website: bootlegbarbers.ca
Phone: (604) 875 0450

Mr. Hobbs Barbershop

Image: Mr Hobbs Barbershop

Image: Mr Hobbs Barbershop

Nothing but good things can be heard about Mr. Hobbs. This shop has a classic feel and a die-hard customer base. If you’re looking for a new cut, a beard trim, or a moustache wax (are people still doing that?) Mr. Hobbs has got you covered.

Address: 3065 Granville Street
Website: mrhobbsbarber.com
Phone: (604) 336-3770

Farzad’s Barber Shop

Image: Farzad's Barber Shop / Facebook

Image: Farzad’s Barber Shop / Facebook

Farzad’s is a stellar barbers that’s handily run by guy that it’s named after. Customer after customer laud Farzad with a great shop staffed by top notch barbers, a great old school atmosphere, and cuts to take you from shabby to sharp.

Address: 1208 Homer Street
Website: farzadsbarbershop.com
Phone: (604) 408-0060

Regal Barbers

Image: Regal Barbers / Facebook

Image: Regal Barbers / Facebook

Right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver sits Regal Barbers, a modern barber shop with a classic sensibility. This place has got a near-perfect reputation, and their staff are as equally regarded. This place is a Vancouver favourite for sure.

Address: 971 Hornby Street
Website: regalbarbers.com
Phone: (604) 343-7668

The Belmont Barbershop

Image: Belmont Barbershop / Facebook

Image: Belmont Barbershop / Facebook

On Broadway just off Main is another Vancouver hotspot. The Belmont Barbershop is one of those places where you can just tell they love what they do, and the atmosphere proves that. Mustachioed stylists are on hand to trim you down to a fashionable sheen, while surrounded by mounted deer heads and classic portraits. They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

Address: 111 East Broadway
Website: belmontbarbershop.com
Phone: (604) 568-6238

JD’s Barbershop

Image: JD's Barbershop / Facebook

Image: JD’s Barbershop / Facebook

Everyone gets a single malt scotch as soon as they walk in. Customers and barbers are on a single name basis, and while JD’s provides its hot shaves and haircuts, locally-sourced products are used.

Address: 235 Abbott Street, Gastown
Website: jdsbarbershop.com
Phone: 604-331-8441

Man Cave Barber Shop

Image: Man Cave Barber / Facebook

Image: Man Cave Barber / Facebook

If you’re looking for a luxurious shaving/hair cut experience, Man Cave Barber Shop is the number one place to be. Putting together the best salon products with an experienced team of stylists, Man Cave will give you an experience you won’t forget.

Address: 1018 Mainland Street, Yaletown
Website: mancavebarbershop.ca
Phone: 778-379-3365

The Clipper’s Edge

Image: Barbershop / Shutterstock

Image: Barbershop / Shutterstock

Another beloved Vancouver joint, barber Alex is well known for putting customers at ease, for his skill with scissors and razor, and for his love of a particular classic spy film series. Come and get a trim, a classic wet shave, all while relaxing to the cinematic catalogue of one James Bond. Yes, really.

Address: 4535 Dunbar Street
Phone: (604) 224-0500

ICE KOL KUT Barbershop

Image: ICE KOL KUT Barbershop / Facebook

Image: ICE KOL KUT Barbershop / Facebook

ICE KOL KUT does it all, and they do it well. Cuts, fades  and even razor sharp, down-to-the-hair grooming; if you need it they can do it.

Address: 2709 Commercial Drive
Website: icekolkut.ca
Phone: (604) 568-5052