Bernier Skates With His New Team

Dec 19 2017, 11:40 am

When I first heard the Canucks had traded for Steve Bernier in the off season I was excited. As I sat in my cubical at work one thing and one thing only came to my mind, he would be a perfect fit with the Sedin’s. If the twins could make Taylor Pyatt look good (Money J Skeets just popped a boner reading Taylor Pyatt), imagine what a legitimate power forward who has a knack for the net could do with the duo. This kid loves to drive to the net and “crash and bang” in the corners some things the aforementioned Pyatt rarely did playing with Daniel and Henrik. But the one question with the 23 year old Quebec City native is whether or not he is in shape for the grind of the NHL schedule. Last year he came into San Jose training camp a little overweight resulting in him being demoted off Patrick Marleau’s line to a bottom six forward spot before he was eventually traded to Buffalo for Brian Campbell.

Today he was in town taking part of a non-official team practice with a few of his new teammates. When asked about playing with the Sedin’s he had this to say “I heard that rumor before” Bernier said ” I have had a chance to play against them before. I know they’re very good down low, they like to be in front of the net and like to pass the puck. So… that would be a very good opportunity for me to play with them for sure.” If coach Alain Vigneault does in fact put this line together, and if all things pan out I can see Bernier matching Anson Carter’s 33 goals, perhaps more if he gets a lot of pp minutes.

Here’s a video of him scoring a few goals (watch the goal on 4:50).

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