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A Taste of Belgium - Belgium Place

DH Vancouver Staff Jul 15, 2014 9:13 am

Belgium is a very small and relatively new European country that features delicious food and drink. Their cuisine is much larger than their geographical size. For a taste of Belgium try Belgium Place located on West Broadway and Fir Street. You will not be disappointed!

A Taste of Belgium - Belgium Place

Belgium Place restaurant opened June 4. It is very new to our Vancouver food scene. Already, it is getting rave reviews for its homemade food and quick service. Belgium is famous for its chocolate, steak frites (french fries) and waffles. You will find a good assortment of hot and cold sandwiches, sweet and savoury waffles, soups, quiches and salads.

In addition, you can order Belgium coffee, Belgium hot chocolate, chai latte and London Fog drinks. This small restaurant is casual and meant for walk-in traffic. The owners describe it as “quick service”, but not fast food. There is generous seating to sit and enjoy your order.

The menu consists of Belgian food from various recipes garnered in travels in the home country. The owner and the chef are Belgian natives so you are enjoying the best Belgium has to offer. Belgium cuisine is heavily influenced by the French. Belgium Place ensures you will receive authentic cuisine that is fresh and priced right.

All baked goods are made daily at Belgium Terroir bakery located in North Vancouver. In addition, the restaurant uses specific ingredients in many Belgian dishes such as endive, celery root and carrots.

Most people are familiar with waffles that are sweet. Belgium Place expands their waffle offerings with a number of savoury waffles to choose from. The Chicken Taragon Cheese Melt is flavourful. Chicken arrives on top of a Belgian waffle with melted Chimay cheese. The chicken is tender, seasoned and cut into small pieces. For certain, you pick up the taragon aromatic herb flavouring. None of the flavours overpower each other.

A Taste of Belgium - Belgium Place

An excellent salad to order is the North Sea Crab Salad. Good portion size of tasty crab. It comes with fresh iceberg lettuce and tomatoes. The French-style vinaigrette dressing is a great complement to the crab and provides an additional flavour.

A Taste of Belgium - Belgium Place

Ham Hock Soup is a Belgian favourite. Large chunks of ham, cabbage, leeks and carrots are found in the soup. The soup tastes home made. The bread is delicious with a crusty exterior and soft inside.

A Taste of Belgium - Belgium Place

The Leuwen Chicken Curry hot sandwich is a worthy selection. The curry is mild with some lemon. All the tastes come through with the celery root combining well with the curried chicken and offering a nice texture. The warm baguette is crunchy on the outside and airy on the inside. This is a substantial sandwich.

A Taste of Belgium - Belgium Place

Time for dessert? Yes, the Belgians know how to make a fantastic sweet waffle. The Strawberry Vanilla Waffle with home made strawberry compote, vanilla gelato and whipped cream is incredible. What makes these waffles so tasty is the Belgian Sugar Pearl. Sugar pearl is large opaque white sugar grains. This variety of sugar withstands high heat without melting. It is inside each waffle and provides instant taste, crunchy texture and a great sugar buzz.

This order comes with home made strawberry compote. Compote derives from 17th century France and is strawberry fruit cooked in water with sugar and spices. This home made strawberry compote is incredible! The cold vanilla ice cream, warm strawberry compote and whipped cream work so well together on the Liège-style waffle.

The waffle itself is fluffy, light and crispy on the outside. With the Belgian sugar pearl, the taste of the Belgian waffle is superior to our North American style waffle making. If you were never a fan of waffles, you need to give this a try.

A Taste of Belgium - Belgium Place

Can’t leave without sampling the Chocolate Liège Waffle. Similar to the above waffles except the waffle is coated with thick dark Belgian chocolate and a side serving of whipped cream. If you love chocolate and Belgian waffles, then this delicious treat can’t be missed.

A Taste of Belgium - Belgium Place

This type of Belgian restaurant is popular back in Belgium with students and other customers looking for excellent affordable quick food. If you are looking for dessert this is another good reason to try Belgium Place. You make your order, grab a seat and your food and/or drink is delivered to your table. The meals are light but filling. Prices for the savoury waffles are $9.25 each. The sweet waffles range from $3.80 to $7.80. Sandwiches range from $4.90 to $6.50. Salads, quiches and soups range from $3.90 to $6.50. Fresh, home made, flavourful and inexpensive make this a worthy visit.

Belgium Place

Address: 1598 West Broadway (at Fir Street), Vancouver
Phone Number: 604-336-6858
Hours: Open 7 DW from 7 am to 10 pm

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