Visitors can once again bring food to Belcarra Park after hungry bear is a no show

Jul 20 2018, 6:54 pm

You’ll be able to bring your picnic lunch and barbecue at Belcarra Regional Park after food restrictions have been lifted.

The temporary ban on food in the park was prompted by a very hungry bear who was spotted at the beach several times over the last few weeks. The bear also resulted in a park closure.

Metro Vancouver tweeted this morning that visitors can bring food, have picnics, and use the barbecues. The park’s concession stands will also be open.

However, the park warns that visitors should still be vigilant of bears.

“Do not leave food unattended. Dispose of trash immediately in the bearproof garbage bins,” said Metro Vancouver.

The public is being reminded of the following bear safety tips:

  • Never feed a bear, do not leave any garbage or unattended food
  • Clean up garbage and food immediately, use bear-proof bins provided
  • Never approach a bear
  • Change your route or plans to avoid bears
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