Behind the brand: LanaBetty uses 3D printing to create stunning jewellery

May 16 2019, 2:46 am

The power of a piece of a beautiful piece of jewellery can never be underestimated. It says a lot about your personality, compliments your style, and connects you with special moments in life.

So when you’re buying jewellery, the story behind it matters just as much as the bespoke aesthetic. And pieces by Vancouver-based jewellery brand¬†LanaBetty, have this to perfection.

Founded in 2011 by designer and goldsmith, Lana Lepper, the brand is one of few in Vancouver and Toronto to use 3D printing to create their contemporary, geometric designs. Lepper feels that quality matters just as much as knowing where the supplies that go into her jewellery come from.

Lana Lepper/Amber Hughes Photography

In the LanaBetty Gastown studio, you’ll only find fine, ethically-sourced and mined materials, like sterling silver and 14k gold, used in the jewellery design process. And everything is¬†lead, nickel, and cadmium-free.

Lepper says the most common question she’s asked is whether her jewellery is plated ‚ÄĒ it’s not.¬†“Plating, over time, and with constant skin contact, can wear off and expose the base metal below,” says¬†Lana Lepper.

Every single piece of LanaBetty jewellery is made with exquisite care and attention to quality, as well as the personal finishing touches. Each LanaBetty order comes with a box or pouch, and care instructions. But Lepper also includes a thank you note, too. “It’s my goal that each customer enjoys their unboxing experience,” she says.

Lepper is passionate about her team at LanaBetty. She works with manufacturers in North America to pay a living, working wage to employees who help make her 3D prints a reality. The gemstones used in her designs? They’re hand-cut from a third-generation gemcutter in India, and she works directly with him and his family to ensure the highest quality and living wages are paid.

So if you’re interested in having a piece of custom name jewellery made, LanaBetty is the place to go. Using 3D printing to make their pendants allows LanaBetty to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind necklaces. You could have your name, or the name of someone close to you, designed on a hand-lettered necklace of heirloom quality.

Gemstone jewellery is so hot right now at LanaBetty, especially as stacking rings. You can pair the Ursa Major and Diadem with a matching stacking band for a boho chic look.

And when it comes to statement earrings, it’s all about going over-the-top. LanaBetty’s Criterion, Archetype, and Paradigm¬†are the brand’s biggest earring options. But Signet and Insignia styles are bold enough as an everyday earring, too.

Criterion earrings/Studio Jeanie Photography

Signet earrings/Studio Jeanie Photography

Let’s not forget about LanaBetty’s¬†enamel pins. Lepper uses the artwork from her 3D models and pieces to make the enamel pins in fun and vibrant colours. Who doesn’t love cute peaches?

Peach lapel pin/LanaBetty

LanaBetty will be popping up in Vancouver at¬†IDS Vancouver in September, Circle Craft in November, and Got Craft? in December. You can shop in person at LanaBetty’s Gastown Studio (by appointment), at Bird on a Wire, and Giving Gifts.

In Toronto, the brand will be back for the One of a Kind Show and Sale in November. You can also shop for LanaBetty products at Distill Gallery and Uppdoo Boutique.

Browse the latest beautiful LanaBetty products online. And for a limited time, Daily Hive readers can get 20% off their purchase from LanaBetty online with the discount code DAILYHIVE.

If you’re interested in having LanaBetty products in your store, simply fill in the contact form here. You’ll also have a chance to shop¬†LanaBetty products at the SeaWheeze Sunset Festival¬†in celebration of the SeaWheeze half marathon on August 17. Kaskade and Big Wild will be performing live at the event.

Make sure to check out LanaBetty on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, for the latest design updates!

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