A beginner's guide to drinking whisky, for all tastes and price points

Nov 10 2017, 2:57 am

Let’s be real, many of us enjoy a good libation.

Something to sip upon during dinner, at family events, when you’re out with friends, or when you’re relaxing at home on a Saturday evening.

The thing is that so many people get stuck on the same drink, instead of trying something new. Rum and Coke ring a bell? This season may finally be your time to expand your beverage repertoire and give an old classic a try: Whisky.

There are so many world-renowned whiskies to choose from, each with their own unique characteristics; from sweet, to sour, and even smoky. And to help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of five whiskies worth switching up your routine for.

For those new to whisky – McClelland’s Highland

  • Price: $39.99 (until November 25)

Distilled in Scotland this whisky is simple and straightforward, showcasing notes of pears and apricots. For fans of whiskies with sweet and citrus notes, this reasonably priced single malt is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Point of differentiation: Products are named after the regions they are produced in and reflect the environment and geography– this one is the Scottish Highlands.

For the whisky connoisseur – Laphroaig 10-Year-Old


  • Price: $78.99 (until November 25)

This one is for the serious whisky aficionados. The single malt comes to life on the iconic region of Islay in Scotland. It’s full-bodied, sweet, briny, and bitter, with a smoky aroma. It’s a drink that any booze enthusiast would enjoy sipping upon and savouring. Smoky and sweet all in one.

Point of differentiation: Laphroaig is known for its VERY bold, heavily peated whiskies.

For the single malt geek – Auchentoshan Three Wood

Auchentoshan Three Wood/BC Liquor Stores

  • Price $80.99 (until November 25)

Three Wood is a lowland malt distilled in Scotland that’s matured in three different casks (for those who don’t know their whisky, that’s a good thing.)  Aging it first in bourbon casks and then in Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso Sherry casks, makes for a really distinctive taste. With notes of toffee and cooked fruit, it’s easy to enjoy a glass of this scotch by the fire this season.

Point of differentiation: It’s triple distilled which is how it gets its smooth flavour and it’s highly adaptable; meaning it can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or as a base in your favourite whisky cocktail.

For the smooth operator – Bowmore 15-Year-Old Darkest

Bowmore 15-Year-Old Darkest

  • Price: $91.99 (until November 25)

If you want to try a whisky that’s all about balanced flavour, Bowmore 15-Year-Old Darkest could be ‘the one’. The spirit is finished in a sherry cask which gives it a burnt amber colour, plus a smooth, rich, and buttery sweetness. It was released in January of 2007 from the legendary Bowmore Distillery in Islay, Scotland. This single malt has been matured in Oloroso sherry casks and it has just the right spicy-meets-toffee finish.

The wild card: For those who want something different – Courvoisier V.S.

  • Price: $52.99 (until November 25)

This classy cognac is elegant and harmonious with enticing notes of toffee, dried orange peel, and a light spicy oaky aftertaste. So naturally, it makes for the perfect holiday gift for those who would rather opt for something sweeter (with cognac being made from fruit, rather than grains like its whisky counterparts).

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