Beer Yoga - The new detox retox trend

Dec 19 2017, 7:11 pm

Start your Yoga routine off with a 2 mile warm up walk/jog, followed by some Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and finish up with a a nice cold beer and social hour.  At least that’s how Rob Rice does it at Angel City Brewery in downtown LA.

There are several variations of this new ‘Detox Retox‘ trend but, no matter the variation, there’s always a nice cold ‘reward’ waiting for you at the end.

Of course this trend has met with it’s fair share of criticism among the Yoga community:

“We consider the consumption of alcohol, being both an intoxicant and a poison, to be inconsistent with the practice of Ashtanga yoga.” Ashtanga Yoga Boston

“If you’re drinking, you’re detracting from that very subtle process of fine-tuning your consciousness.  Alcohol is a toxin.  It creates its own state of mental being, which typically people use as an escape.  The practice of yoga is exactly the opposite of escaping yourself. You want to go full into whatever you’re experiencing, without altering it with an external substance.”  Rhonda Hobgood, Salt Room Yoga

With that said, there are also the arguments that these classes are introducing yoga to those who would otherwise never try it and, that it brings people together. Beth Cosi, founder of Bendy Brewski Yoga, believes just that. “The largest component is connection: they get permission to hang out. People talk and laugh. It’s very social. It’s totally about community. The yoga is secondary. It’s a way to bring people together.”

Surprisingly, Vancouver (with its obsession of yoga and craft beer) has yet to delve into this fusion of ‘crafts.’

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Namaste. (and cheers?!)


Feature Image: Bendy Brewski Yoga

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