A Beer Spa is exactly what Vancouver needs

Dec 19 2017, 1:39 pm

It’s hard to believe Vancouver’s love of beer and laid-back West Coast style haven’t yet merged sufficiently to make room for a magical place called a Beer Spa.

A practice dating back centuries that bubbled to its trendy surface less than a decade ago, a beer spa bridges the gap between pubbing and tubbing. Guests can soak away in a tub of beer in order to reap the supposed curative benefits of the ingredients.

Canadians have had to travel to places like the Czech Republic in order to enjoy the experience, which can also involve sipping on the suds whilst simultaneously soaking in them.

Beer spas began popping up in Canada a few years ago, and just this month another one has opened up . Alas, it’s not in beautiful British Columbia, but instead in Brantford, Ontario. Their liquor licence is in the works, so soon they’ll be able to offer patrons a pint (or more) while they’re bubbling.

Here’s how it goes at GWC Body, according to CHCH:

“Clients start with a scrub of barley, salt, honey, and hops, a common ingredient in beer. Then the bath is drawn. Locally grown hops are added along with three pints of Rambling Road Ale and mineral water shipped in from Poland. And into the tub you go.”

The beer is said to cure what “ales” you (thank the Daily Mail for the pun) in addition to being relaxing. The beer is said to be good for the hair and skin, as well as for helping with insomnia and anxiety.

Considering the popularity of beer in Vancouver, maybe one of our many, many local craft breweries would like to have their product move from the bar taps to the bathtub taps.

Beer Spa in Prague

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