Beer 101: discover the summer brews that suit your personality

Jun 24 2021, 9:10 am

Among the things we’ve been looking forward to this summer, cracking a cold one in the great outdoors ranks high. Whether you’re grilling fresh meats on the barbecue or trekking through the wilderness, there’s nothing like a crisp beer to regenerate and savour the moment.

As the long weekend approaches and we contemplate the roster of brews that will help us sail through the extra time off, we’re sampling the latest releases of Wayne Gretzky Craft Brewing’s No.99 beers. After all, what better way to celebrate than with an all-Canadian beer — brewed in Surrey, we might add — crafted by the most beloved Canadian hockey player of all time?

The No.99 Session Ale, which hit shelves earlier this spring, is now available alongside the recently released No.99 Premium Lager and No.99 Pale Ale. Clean, crisp, and refreshing, they encapsulate what we look for in a solid summer beer and with just four ingredients — water, grains, hops, and yeast — no less.

These innovative takes on lager and ale classics are perfect for fueling your long weekend celebrations. Here’s a look at how you can best enjoy each — based on your personality or mood.

No.99 Session Ale

A can of this ale is best enjoyed alongside your favourite summer sports — from rigorous hikes to beach volleyball. If you have a hard time sitting still and would choose kayaking on the lake over chilling on the dock any day, then this brew is your summer jam.

This refreshing, low ABV ale will keep you on your toes with its tropical aroma and clean citrus finish, without weighing you down.

No.99 Pale Ale

A dynamic fusion of aromas and flavours — think orange, lemon, malt, hops, with a hint of banana — this beer was made for adventurers and creatives. Perhaps you’re a true thrill-seeker who relishes in the spontaneity of summer or maybe you’re more the artistic type, experimenting in the kitchen and with your paintbrushes.

Either way, what you can expect from No.99 Pale Ale is a perfectly balanced caramel body, turned up with pronounced orange citrus notes for a crisp, clean finish.

Either way, what you can expect from No.99 Pale Ale is a perfectly balanced caramel body, turned up with pronounced orange citrus notes for a crisp, clean finish.

No.99 Premium Lager

No.99 Premium Lager (Wayne Gretzky Craft Brewing)

Let’s face it, there’s no going wrong with a classic lager — but what really sets this one apart is the Canadian winter rye grain, which has a distinct hardiness and flavour to it. It has an extra layer of depth, zest, and freshness to its smooth malt — as well as that quintessential hops flavour we look for in a Canadian lager.

While we’d argue that the No.99 Premium Lager is for just about anyone who likes beer, we think you’ll definitely want to pick up a few of these if your idea of a good time is kicking your feet up and lounging dockside. What can we say, it’s just an easy sipper — and now it’s available in a 12 pack format of 355 ml cans.

Crafted for greatness on the West Coast, the unique — yet traditional — flavours and inherent Canadian-ness can be tasted in every sip, pour, and pint of No.99 brews.

As always, please remember drinks are best enjoyed when enjoyed responsibly.

Check the shelves of your local liquor store to stock up in time for the long weekend or visit to learn more.

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