Beautiful BC: Princess Louisa Marine Provincial Park is a boater's dream

Jul 19 2017, 5:46 am

You’ve never seen ocean waters as calm as this before.

The Princess Louisa Inlet is a rare beauty, with a narrow opening that essentially invalidates the usual ocean currents. What you’re left with is a serene inlet that seems more like a lake than a part of the Pacific Ocean.

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Melting snow packs surround the inlet throughout the early summer months, creating more than 60 waterfalls that cascade into the dark waters below.

If you have the means of getting to this peaceful inlet, be sure to make it your next boating adventure this summer.

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Where is it?

Located at the end of the Jervis Inlet, Princess Louisa Inlet is just north of Earl’s Cove. It sits snugly at the bases of Mount Helena, Sun Peak, and Mount Pearkes.

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How do you get there?

There are many ways to make it to Princess Louisa Inlet, though you’ll need more than a car to make the trip.

By Boat: Head up the Straight of Georgia to the Jervis Inlet (the nearest boat launch is at Egmont), and go north up the Jervis Inlet until you reach Malibu Rapids. Wait for the rapids to become slack before making your way into the inlet. There is a 200 m mooring float at the end of the inlet by Chatterbox Falls that can accommodate boats.

Important note: There are no fuel services beyond Egmont.

By car: Drive to Horseshoe Bay, then take the ferry to Langdale. Drive up the Sechelt Peninsula to Egmont, then take a tour to the inlet.

By plane: There is a float plane dock at the end of the mooring float.

What’s there?

Dozens of waterfalls, peaceful waters, various campsites, and ample hiking opportunities make Princess Louisa Inlet an amazing camping destination.

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