[UPDATED] Bear attack in North Vancouver prompts warnings from fire department

Aug 15 2016, 5:47 pm

UPDATE at 12:19 pm: The West Vancouver Police Department says the 35-year-old man only suffered minor injuries from slipping and falling while running away from the bear. Officers say he mistook the bear for a large dog as he was walking down the trail – he attempted to make loud noises to scare the bear, but it continued advancing towards him.

The West Vancouver Police Department arrived on scene and assisted the man after responding to reports of a man screaming on the west bank of Capilano River near Cleveland Dam. The BC Conservation Officer Service is searching the area for the bear.


The District of North Vancouver Fire Department is warning people to stay clear of the popular Capilano Pacific Trail after a person was attacked by a bear this morning.

The victim is being “extracted,” according to the fire department, and they say to stay out of Capilano River Park, as the bear is still on the loose.

Daily Hive has reached out to the District of North Vancouver Firefighters Association for more information.

More to come…