3.14 things to do at Beakerhead in Calgary

Dec 20 2017, 1:29 am

Written for Vancity Buzz by Guillermo Serrano, Vacay.ca writer

3 (geeky). 1 (engineered egghead food) 4 (blocks of nerd partying) things to do at Calgary’s Beakerhead this week.

If walking on water (with the help of corn syrup), squeezing into rockets and playing fire-spitting skee ball appeals to the inner geek in you, then Beakerhead is the place to be this week. The weeklong festival, which runs until September 20, is a gathering spot for scientists and engineers to show their creative sides and where artists get technical.

Mary Anne Moser, president of Beakerhead, says the events around the city have a place in space between art, creativity, science and engineering.

“It’s a place where no one discipline or way of thinking is dominant, so everyone feels welcome. It ends up being a judgment-free zone. That makes it super creative,” she says.
Calgary, being a relatively young city, is home to a very well-educated population and a lot of engineers who appreciate art, great food and fine social skills, according to Moser.

“If being geeky means being smart, fun, well-travelled, considerate and socially compassionate, then yes. I spent my life in the sciences and for most of those years, being geeky was code for ‘inadequate social skills.’”

Moser says there are shows and workshops and lots of quirky things for visitors to see at Beakerhead so anyone showing up should be prepared to explore something new.

So here are the 3.14 things (Pi, geddit?) we think are worth seeing, hearing and tasting in Calgary.

3 (geeky) speakers will try to wow you in 6.28 minutes

Why just 6.28 minutes? That’s 2 x Pi for math geeks and each presenter will have their chance to make their case on Stephen Avenue Walk in downtown Calgary at lunchtime.

Kamala D. Patel attempts to answer how a frustrated scientist, a cat and a glass of wine came together to expose the machinations of an errant white blood cell wreaking havoc in asthma.

Pop singer/electronic artist Clara Venice brings Polyvalent For The People.
Avnish Mehta wants the crowd to listen to the Science of Sound.

1 (Egghead ingredient)

More than 24 Calgary restaurants will turn their kitchens into science labs as they experiment on eggs. Dining is a whole new experimental experience when chef and bartender become scientist and use their knowledge of the science and properties of eggs to create molecular cocktails and dishes.

4 (blocks of nerdy parties)

Four blocks of 10 Ave SW will be closed to traffic for a massive outdoor gallery of art and engineering, including fire-spitting skee ball, lit-up dance party cars, freak art bikes, interactive works, performances and experiences, created in partnership with dozens of local and international partners. Beakernight is free and staying open late so visitors can party through the night at the crossroads of art, science and engineering.


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