How BCIT supports women in building successful engineering careers

Mar 27 2023, 7:05 pm

In Canada, women make up less than a quarter of those employed in science, technology, engineering or mathematic (STEM) careers. In addition, only 20% of newly licensed engineers in Canada identify as women.

It goes without saying that more diversity in the workforce would lead to significant benefits: women in STEM careers can bring forward important knowledge, skill sets, and novel ideas to propel innovation into the future.

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of women engineering trailblazers with its accredited and focused engineering programs. 

The Institute supports students in the STEM sector by providing equitable learning and networking opportunities, as well as scholarships and bursaries. There are a variety of
awards available to students, including two new Entrance Awards for women in engineering programs. For more information on all awards and bursaries available to students, visit BCIT Entrance Awards.

Its accredited engineering programs cover four branches of engineering: civil, electrical, mechanical, and mining — all of which are taught by industry-leading faculty who are experts in their respective fields. Each program provides a hands-on education style and offers the chance to gain valuable industry connections and real-world experience.

Students are encouraged to empower each other through a range of resources and initiatives, including the opportunity to join the BCIT Women in Engineering Club, a community that supports STEM education and careers for women.

BCIT is also an industry-leading institute, working as an essential contributor of engineering professionals in the province, producing women alumni who actively make a difference in society. 

For alumna Alyssa Hermann, P.Eng., M.Eng., it was the people at BCIT that inspired her to pursue a degree there. “In high school, I met an enthusiastic and supportive instructor at Big Info, who invited me to sit in on classes for two days. I met students who were engaged with their studies, saw lectures from instructors who believed in their work and their students, and saw for myself the difference a hands-on education can make.”

Hermann believes that a BCIT engineering degree can provide many incredible and even unexpected opportunities for graduates. “Whatever you are good at or passionate about, you can find a career that suits you. Give it a try, be curious, and talk to lots of different people and you’ll be surprised by the doors that can open.”

Meanwhile, faculty Dr. Sirine Maalej, Ph.D., P. Eng., chose BCIT for its renowned reputation and unique training and work environment. “BCIT has continuously supported my work and initiatives. Innovative ideas, programs, and processes are encouraged at BCIT. I like how the Institute supports and believes in the talents it hires and the students it trains.”

Her advice to those thinking about a career in engineering? “Engineering is a very rewarding profession. You get to achieve meaningful goals. And, you get to see the impact of your designs and your contribution on the society and the community. If you have the motivation and the potential to pursue a career in engineering, go for it — you will be successful and you will enjoy it.”

To introduce and encourage more young talented women to consider careers in the world of Engineering and Engineering-related programs, BCIT is hosting an Engineering Panel Event and Information Session on March 29.

The session will include a panel discussion featuring BCIT alumnae, students, and faculty across civil, electrical, marine, mechanical, and mining engineering. Panellists will share insights on their impactful engineering journeys. Attendance is free — those interested just need to register.

For more information about how BCIT programs can help you start an engineering career, click here.

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