3 ways to harness your natural talents this winter

Dec 16 2016, 7:00 am

There’s something that you’re great at.

Even if you think your only talent is eating, you’ve got something special that’s all yours.

Think about it. Your friends always seem to turn to you for help when they need to find just the right words. Or maybe you always get compliments on your creatively decorated apartment. Or you might be the reigning champion of Sunday night Pictionary.

Face it – other people recognize those achievements as your unique talents. So why not channel them into a career?

BCIT has a number of part-time studies courses and programs that can help you harness your innate abilities for a career that fits you.

Technical writing



If you enjoy breaking down complex information into logical and digestible sentences, and making it sound good while you do it, then a career as a technical writer could be for you. Building on your solid communication skills, BCIT’s Technical Writing program will help hone your core writing skills, distill and creatively convey a range of technical information, and incorporate visual components to enhance communication. The program is flexible, allowing you to fit courses into your schedule and move at a pace that works for you.

Graphic design



Not everyone gets to express their artistic side on the job. BCIT’s part-time Graphic Design associate certificate program will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need for a long, creative career in graphic design. You’ll gain hands-on experience with creative software, strategic design, visual composition and layout, and you’ll end the program with a strong portfolio of work. You can complete the program at your own pace, or you take multiple courses each term to earn your associate certificate even faster.

Interior design

creative people


If you think in terms of space, colours, fabrics, and design, then you’ll go far in an interior design career. The Interior Design certificate program at BCIT will give you the fundamentals in residential design, from design theory and concept development, to space planning and sustainability. With part-time studies, you can choose how many courses you can fit into your schedule each term. Plus, when you graduate from this certificate program, you’ll have the foundation for subsequent BCIT Interior Design programs.

These are only some of the part-time courses and programs available at BCIT. Registration for programs in January 2017 are now open, and you can register online. For more information on BCIT, check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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