This BC company just surpassed a million members

Oct 12 2022, 7:00 pm

This year, BCAA reached one million members, meaning that one in every three BC households is provided with their industry-leading products — including protection and mobility solutions like insurance, roadside assistance, Evo Car Share, and full auto service.

Founded in 1906 by 11 automobile enthusiasts, BCAA has been providing peace of mind to residents of BC and the Yukon for over 100 years, becoming one of the most trusted brands in Canada, in association with the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). BCAA has also expanded the products and services it offers to include Evo Car Share — known for its distinctive blue roof racks, the car-sharing service is available in much of the lower mainland and Victoria.

The company also recently launched their Evolve E-Bike Share pilot program in Whistler this past summer, providing residents with an eco-friendlier way to move around from August to October 2022.

“We’re one of those lucky companies — and there aren’t many others — who can say that they’ve been around since 1906, are still relevant and have that level of trust and connection with British Columbians,” said James McDermott, BCAA’s director of Brand Experience. “I think that stems from the fact that we’re there for British Columbians when they need us the most.”

In keeping with its spirit of innovation, BCAA is celebrating surpassing one million members by releasing a collection of limited-edition BCAA BC Bun non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and holding a contest for members to win their own, which runs until October 14.

NFTs are non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger, that can be sold and traded. Unlike traditional crypto, where you’re mining certain coins that only yield monetary value, NFTs act as visual collectables, traditionally a piece of original art.

Collaborating with acclaimed creators Chairman Ting and Tangible, the collection of NFTs will feature a diverse range of bunny-inspired characters, representing the rich diversity of British Columbians across the province.

“This timeless artwork of these bunny-inspired characters perpetually moving forward represents the rich diversity of British Columbians in a playful, unique way,” McDermott said. “This collection celebrates us hitting this landmark and helps us continue to look to the future and embrace new ideas.”

A BCAA membership also comes with a variety of benefits outside of their industry-leading service. The company offers hundreds of rewards across BC and beyond, with discounts like 30% off passes at Playland, the PNE Fair, and single-game Vancouver Canucks tickets.

Members also enjoy exclusive benefits such as three cents per litre of gas at Shell stations — which based on average usage throughout the year can save you $138, more than the cost of an annual BCAA membership.

Not only does membership have perks, but BCAA also focuses on giving back in ways that support all British Columbians. They’ve previously lent Evo Car Share’s vehicles to healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, and currently provide free “Slow Down Kids Playing” signs as well as advocate for road safety throughout the province.

“We believe it’s our role to make life in BC better for everyone — no matter who you are or where you come from,” McDermott said. “We see the power of membership as moving British Columbians forward.”

As an affiliate club of the CAA, BCAA has reciprocal agreements with countries all over the world, so if a member’s vehicle breaks down in places like the UK or Finland, BCAA still offers coverage.

“For less than $7 a month, you’re going to get the best roadside assistance that not only follows your vehicle, it follows you,” McDermott said.

“You could be in any vehicle, you could be in a friend’s vehicle, or you could be in another country, and you’re still going to get the best roadside assistance. We’ll be there, or the network that extends across North America and the world will be there to help keep you moving forward.”

For more information about becoming a member, or how to win an NFT from the BCAA BC Buns Collection, visit BCAA’s website.

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