Why BC's wine country is like none other, according to a local wine producer

Sep 13 2021, 3:26 pm

From its snow-capped mountains to its oceanic coast, BC is home to a deluge of spectacularly unique landscapes and geographies.

If you’re a wine lover, you’re likely already aware this fierce province is also home to one of the most exciting wine regions in the world.

The secret is in the Okanagan Valley’s dry, desert-like terrain and climate.

“Wine is all about time and place,” Christa-Lee McWatters tells us. “The long and hot days of summer and cool evenings — called a diurnal shift — allow for the grapes to develop extraordinary levels of sugar while maintaining a crisp acidity. This, combined with other characteristics such as distinct soil materials, slope inclines, and the proximity to the Okanagan Lake, make each bottle of BC wine taste like nothing else in the world.”

McWatters is the general manager of TIME Family of Wines, one of the region’s most prominent wine producers. Among its many brands is Evolve Cellars, the makers of many approachable, fruit-forward, and affordable wines.

Made for sun-drenching patio sipping or to delectably complement any al fresco meal, its wines are meant to evoke the refreshing coolness of the Okanagan Lake. The region’s distinct climate brings complex flavours to life, giving the wines a rich and uniquely Okanagan taste.

“Evolve Cellars is our most unpretentious and casual wine brand,” according to McWatters. “We offer wine lovers a chance to enjoy a bottle without much ceremony and as our tagline says, ‘Celebrate every moment.'”

If there’s anything we’ve learned over the past year and a half, it’s that even the smallest moments are worth cherishing.

It’s been an especially transformative period — one that’s changed us all. This is especially true of Evolve Cellars, which is currently undergoing a full brand refresh — alongside the addition of some exciting new wines to its portfolio.

While its labels may look a little different, the quality and attention to detail they’re known for continues.

“The winery was sold to new owners Ron and Shelley Mayert in 2020 and with the last year and a half changing us all, we felt it was the perfect time to present our customers with something refreshed,” says McWatters.

With this comes the launch of a new wine brand called Chronos, which will be hitting the shelves in conjunction with Evolve Cellars’ new vintage release — including wines that have never before been tasted. “All Evolve wines hitting the shelves this fall are new,” confirms McWatters.

Some are new vintages of old favourites, like the Pinot Gris and bubblies such as Effervescence and Pink Effervescence. The new red blend, Momento, is a seductive blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah with notes of black cherry, plum, and cassis. Spontaneity, the new fresh and floral white blend, is a mixture of Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, and Ortega that offers wafts of pear and peach.

For generations, the brand has strived for success — but “success doesn’t happen overnight,” cautions McWatters. “It’s a gradual transformation from step-by-step changes you make in life each day. We believe everyone should live with intention, always striving to evolve. We are always raising a glass to every action that takes you forward.”

In that same spirit, Evolve Cellars is helping one lucky wine lover achieve their fitness goals with a giveaway that includes a Peloton bike and one-year Peloton membership.

To enter, snag a bottle of Evolve Cellars wine from your nearest liquor store. Before checking out, make sure it has the exclusive Peloton neck tag, which will have all the details you need to enter online.

Should you find yourself in the heart of BC’s wine country this season, drop by the revitalized old-school movie theatre in Penticton that’s home to Evolve Cellars.

“If you are headed to the wine country, make sure to include us in your itinerary,” says McWatters. “The wine country here is like no other in the world. The unique terroir, the stories of wine producers, our commitment to quality products, and impeccable hospitality are just a few of the reasons why a trip to the Okanagan offers memories that last a lifetime.”

To learn more about Evolve Cellars or to schedule a tasting, visit timewines.ca.

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