BC's top ten most wanted car thieves

RCMP have released a list of British Columbia’s top ten Most Wanted Car Thieves. They range in age from 19 to 42 and include nine males and one female. IMPACT (Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team) investigators are asking everyone to take a look at the suspects’ photos and report any information you might have. With the release of this list, IMPACT has also announced a new addition to BC’s Bait Car program: bait property.

Top 10 most wanted car thieves

Name: Richard Mantler
Age: 41
Wanted by: Vancouver PD and Langley RCMP
Warrants:Vancouver PD – possession of stolen vehicle, flight from police, dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and leaving the scene of an accident; Langley RCMP – assault*Considered dangerous


Name: Cory Todd Siebolts
Age: 25
Wanted by: Kamloops RCMP and Edmonton PD
Warrants: Theft, possession of stolen property, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, personation, breach of recognizance and possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking*Believed to be active in vehicle-related crime in Lower Mainland


Name: Ian Gerald Mountain
Age: 27
Wanted by: Upper Fraser Valley RCMP
Warrants: Possession of stolen property, breach of probation, breach of recognizance*Believed to be actively involved in vehicle-related crime in Fraser Valley with girlfriend, Lisa Shaw (below)


Name: Lisa Karon Shaw
Age: 42
Wanted by: IMPACT and Surrey RCMP
Warrants: Breach probation, drive while prohibted*Believed to be actively involved in criminal activity in the Fraser Valley with her boyfriend, Ian Gerald Mountain (above)


Name: Graham Arthur Hunter
Age: 32
Wanted by: Surrey RCMP
Warrants: Breach of probation (for possession of a stolen vehicle and driving while disqualified)*Significant history of auto theft offences


Name: Patrick Shane McCraker
Age: 30
Wanted by: White Rock RCMP and Surrey RCMP
Warrants: Possession of stolen property, trespass by night, possession of prohibited weapon*History of breaking into and stealing vehicles throughout Lower Mainland. Currently wanted for a number of night-time vehicle break-ins in the White Rock and South Surrey areas.


Name: Robert Fred Basil
Age: 33
Wanted by: Prince George RCMP
Warrants: Possession of prohibited weapon 


Name: Anthony Nicholas Baird
Age: 19
Wanted by: Coquitlam RCMP
Warrants: Breach of probation (for theft of a motor vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle)*Believed to be in Coquitlam area


Name: William John Walsh
Age: 31
Wanted by: Surrey RCMP
Warrants: Three warrants for breach of recognizance 


Name: Travis Christopher McKay
Age: 29
Wanted by: Delta PD and Surrey RCMP
Warrants: Possession of stolen property, possession of B&E tools and breach of recognizance (x2)


Bait Property

The Bait Car program, which was introduced in 2003 and is run by IMPACT, is the largest of its kind in the world. Since inception, auto theft in B.C. has reduced by 73 per cent. As a new way to deter thieves and help protect vehicle owners, they have introduced “bait property.” If thieves break into a bait vehicle and steal property, police have the ability to track and monitor it, which would lead them directly to the thief.

“Thieves already know, that if they steal a bait car, they’ll go to jail,” said RCMP Inspector and IMPACT team member Gary Shinkaruk. “But there’s a new message we need to get out to thieves now – steal FROM a bait car, go to jail.”

Top 10 items stolen from vehicles

  1. Smartphones
  2. Personal electronics (e.g. laptops)
  3. Work tools
  4. Credit cards and ID
  5. Stereo equipment
  6. Cash and change
  7. Car parts
  8. Garage door openers
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Keys

Having someone break into your vehicle can be a traumatizing event. Please do not leave any valuables visible if you’re away from your car. Recently, a vehicle was broken into while parked on Lonsdale Avenue (a main road in North Vancouver) in the early evening. Thieves are everywhere, even on well-lit main roads, waiting for the chance to steal from you. Don’t give them the opportunity.

Stay safe, Vancouver.


Source and images: baitcar.com