BC Place to Host Canucks Playoff Games

Dec 19 2017, 1:31 pm

According to the CBC it looks as though plans are nearly complete to host Canucks Playoff parties inside the controlled environment of BC Place Stadium. Now that the stadiums roof opens, one can consider this to be a quasi outdoor party. All this planning, in hopes of another long playoff run is being put in place in direct response to the Stanley Cup riot of 2011. 

The finalized plan hasn’t been made public, so no costs have been released. Here’s hoping the Canucks pick up some of the tab for extra policing and security. It’s a drop in the bucket to them for them and a lot of the crowds come in from the surrounding ‘burbs, thus some of the burden on city taxpayers can be recouped.

For now we want to look at the pros and cons of this arrangement, if it comes to fruition:


  1. Controlled environment, keeping drunken fools out of the building.
  2. Point one makes this a more family friendly event.
  3. Seats. Your feet won’t hurt from standing on concrete.
  4. No need for sun tan lotion, umbrellas etc…
  5. If it rains, no problem just close the roof.
  6. Big screens.
  7. Still accommodates a large crowd.


  1. Forced consumption of $8 beers and second rate fast food.
  2. 60,000 people + 20,000 from the home games + usually bar crowd = 100,000 + people spilling onto the streets all at once and they will all eventually converge onto Granville Street.
  3. You’re inside. There is just something great about a public outdoor viewing party that can’t be matched inside a cavernous stadium.
  4. The element of a riot is still there as people spill onto the streets afterwards.

The city also is looking into creating a number of small neighbourhood-based celebration sites. This could work if you shut down certain streets, say Main Street, Commercial, 4th Avenue. However, people need to get to the games so most likely screens will be set up in public parks and not on the streets.

Not sure how this will fly over with residents and party goers alike. The fact of the matter is people want to soak up the atmosphere and nothing beats downtown Vancouver during the playoffs. Surrey tried with their Central City viewing parties last year and if we all remember the screen shots from the CBC it looked pretty dead. That may change this year, who knows.

If the Canucks don’t start playing better all of this won’t even matter.

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