BC mom meets baby she gave birth to while on ventilator with COVID-19

Dec 16 2020, 5:58 pm

A mother with COVID-19 who delivered her baby by emergency C-section while on a ventilator last month can breathe on her own again and has met her newborn son.

Gillian McIntosh met son Travis for the first time this weekend while continuing to stay at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, according to an update on the family’s GoFundMe.

Although McIntosh remains in the ICU, she was gradually eased out of sedation last week, family friend Corina Rochon wrote. The mother no longer tests positive for the virus.

“The cruel and unforgiving nature of COVID-19 has put our family through so much this past month,” reads a statement from Gillian and husband Dave McIntosh.

“But for the many months of the pandemic now, our front line healthcare workers have endured so much more. It takes special people to be able to keep doing what our healthcare workers have been doing for so long.”

It’s not known how much longer McIntosh will have to stay in hospital.

Rochon organized the GoFundMe so the parents wouldn’t have to worry about falling behind on bills while Gillian was hospitalized and Dave was off work caring for their daughter and newborn.

“Our entire family continues to be humbled by the generosity of the community at large. We are very grateful for each and every kind thought, prayer, message and donation,” the couple said.

The fundraiser has gathered just over $97,000 so far.