BC Liberal candidate Laurie Throness compares contraception to eugenics

Oct 15 2020, 6:58 pm

BC Liberal candidate Laurie Throness has found himself in hot water once again for comments he’s made – this time comparing free contraception to eugenics.

Throness, who’s running for re-election in the riding of Chilliwack-Kent, made the comments while weighing in on the BC NDP’s plan to provide free contraception during an all-candidates debate in his riding this week.

“The other thing that I feel about this is that it contains a whiff of the old eugenics thing where, you know, poor people shouldn’t have babies,” he said. “And so we can’t force them to have contraception, so we’ll give it to them for free. And maybe they’ll have fewer babies. So there will be fewer poor people in the future.”

“[This] contains an odour that I don’t like. And so I don’t really support what the NDP is doing there.”

On Thursday, BC Liberal Party Leader Andrew Wilkinson took to Twitter to speak about Throness’ comments.

“Let’s be clear, I support government providing free contraception to anyone in BC who wants it,” he wrote. “What Laurie Throness said was wrong and against my position as leader of this party. I will be making this very clear to Laurie when we next speak.”

Throness has previously come under fire during this campaign for his anti-LGBTQ views.

Earlier this year, he was the subject of a letter written to Wilkinson by NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert, who previously called out the party’s advertising in a magazine that promoted pro-conversion therapy beliefs.

Throness, the Official Opposition Critic for Children and Family Development, was one of 14 BC Liberal MLAs that expensed taxpayer dollars over the past 18 months on ads in a self-described “Christian lifestyle magazine” called The Light Magazine.

“Your critic for the Ministry of Children and Families Laurie Throness went to media and insisted he will not stop advertising in this homophobic magazine,” Chandra Herbert wrote.

“He then defended an article supporting conversion therapy as long as it didn’t include kidnapping or was too ‘coercive.’”

“Sit on that for a second,” he wrote. “The MLA you’ve put in charge of child care and supporting vulnerable children believes there is a place for conversion therapy.”

Conversion therapy refers to any treatment, counselling, or behaviour modification that aims to change someone’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

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