BC Liberals Funding Cuts to Arts and Culture

Dec 19 2017, 11:52 am

Now I voted for the Liberals and since the election a lot has gone down. I know these are trying times and that they have to be fiscally responsible and I think they are somewhat. However, I’m not a fan of cutting the funds for the arts and children’s sports. A city like Vancouver can’t afford to have its arts funding be taken away. In fact the city is at the cusp of growing up and the arts are a key component.
Perhaps the Maverick can chime in.Here is what some notable British Columbians had to say about it:

Sarah McLachlan – “I think it’s a tragedy, I think that the arts and culture are a huge part of what makes our city, and our part of the world, vibrant. And I think it’s absolutely imperative that children, youth and adults have that cultural and artistic outlet, whether it’s doing it themselves or witnessing it.”

Kim Cattrall – “I would also like to thank the BC provincial funding for the arts. Something that is lacking at the moment if you read your local newspaper something [that]…without that funding I don’t think that I would be standing here this evening.”

Douglas Coupland – “People come to BC not just because of the pretty mountains. They come here because they expect a place where society is both different and better. Haven’t you noticed that when you say ‘Vancouver’ to people, their eyes light up? For foolish short-term reasons we’re killing that light, and all the money in the world can’t buy it back once it’s gone. We become a parking lot with mountains and it doesn’t have to happen.”

Thanks to Spencer Herbert for keeping us in the loop. This begs the question in a time where governments across the world are left with tough budgetary restrictions, where should the funding come from and what should get the axe? I ask that because if we raise taxes people cry, if we axe programs people cry, if we use P3’s people cry. So what gives, because somewhere in there must be balance. It isn’t easy being a politician at any level because at the end of the day everyone has there concerns and usually those concerns stem from ones self serving needs. Balancing those needs while not lining the pockets of lackeys is the hard part.

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