BC Green Party wants voting age lowered to 16

Feb 22 2017, 6:38 pm

Should 16-year-olds be allowed to vote?

The leader of the BC Green Party said he can’t think of a good reason why they shouldn’t be.

And earlier this week, party leader Andrew Weaver re-introduced the Election Amendment Act 1, which ultimately seeks to lower the legal voting age to 16.

“There is a lot of evidence that shows that if we engage our youth earlier in the political process they are more likely to develop voting as a habit for the rest of their life,” Weaver said.

Noting that he has spoken to individuals of all ages since first introducing the bill last spring, Weaver said he has received “overwhelming” support for a younger voting age.

“The decisions we make today as legislators will have a profound impact on the lives of our youth,” he said. “It appears there is a trickle-up effect in civic participation.

When youth are more engaged, he said, “conversations around the dinner table tend to focus on politics and local issues, which results in a positive impact on voter turnout for the whole family.”