The BC government just made it easier for couples to get a divorce

Jul 11 2018, 11:34 pm

Calling it a more “streamlined process,” the BC government announced on Tuesday morning that they’ve launched a new online tool to assist couples with finalizing a divorce.

In a release, the province said the Online Divorce Assistant Application helps people complete documentation for joint-filing divorces (where both applicants agree on all family law issues relevant to their situation) in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, in cases without children.

The new tool is meant to “speed up the processing time and create better access to services by eliminating filing errors. It will also save time, and reduce demand on court administration staff,” the government said.

The app is designed for devices that are tablet-sized or larger, but can be used on any smartphone or computer. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. After completing the application, users can print out the finished documents, and take them to a court registry for filing.

The application is expected to lay the framework for future developments, such as an online protection order service. Plans are underway to expand the Online Divorce Assistant in coming months to include joint-filing divorces in cases that involve children.

Close to 10,000 divorces are filed each year in B.C., with 30% of those filed jointly.

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