BC Ferries bans multiple passengers for "aggressive" behaviour

Oct 31 2019, 11:32 am

A customer who “aggressively drove towards a staff member” at a BC Ferries terminal earlier this month has been banned from sailing with BC Ferries for one year.

According to BC Ferries, the incident took place on October 15 at the Langdale terminal, when the customer “left their assigned lane” and drove towards the staff member, “forcing the employee to jump out of the way.”

In enacting the ban, BC Ferries President & CEO Mark Collins said the corporation is “committed to providing our employees and passengers a safe and respectful environment.”

And while the “vast majority” of customers “treat employees courteously,” behaviours that “that put our employees or the public at risk are not tolerated.”

The travel ban is just one of several that BC Ferries has issued to passengers in the past two weeks alone.

On October 17, a passenger threatened the use of a fire arm to an employee at the Horseshoe Bay terminal. On October 22, a passenger assaulted an employee on the Coastal Celebration.

“All workers have the right to a work environment that is respectful and free from
harassment or harm,” the company said in a statement. “BC Ferries is committed to prevention of violence in its workplace.”

The company noted that to protect the health, safety, security, and comfort of its passengers and crew, the law allows BC Ferries the right to refuse passage. BC Ferries has security on board its vessels and at terminals when needed and contacts police whenever their assistance is required.