BC Election 2017: Complete list of elected Metro Vancouver MLAs

May 8 2017, 11:28 pm

As British Columbia heads to the polls, here are the candidates running in each of Metro Vancouver’s ridings.

Elected MLAs will be updated as the results roll in. As we call the winners, we will mark them in bold text. When the votes have all been counted, we’ll add the final figures too.


  • Christian Heritage Party of BC: Dan Cameron
  • BC NDP: Andrew Murray Christie
  • BC Liberal Party: Simon John Gibson
  • BC Green Party: Jennifer Holmes

Abbotsford South

  • BC NDP: Jasleen Arora
  • BC Green Party: William Aird Flavelle
  • Christian Heritage Party of BC: Ron Gray
  • BC Liberal Party: Darryl Plecas

Abbotsford West

  • BC Liberal Party: Michael de Jong
  • BC Green Party: Kevin Allan Eastwood
  • BC NDP: Preet Rai
  • Libertarian: Dave Sharkey
  • Christian Heritage Party of BC: Lynn Simcox

Burnaby-Deer Lake

  • BC Conservative Party: Graham Bowers
  • Independent: Elias Ishak
  • BC NDP: Anne Kang
  • BC Green Party: Rick McGowan
  • BC Liberal Party: Karen Xiao Bao Wang


  • BC NDP: Raj Chouhan
  • BC Liberal Party: Garrison Duke
  • BC Green Party: Valentine Wu


  • BC NDP: Katrina Chen
  • BC Liberal Party: Steve Darling
  • Independent: Sylvia Gung
  • BC Green Party: Joe Keithley
  • Libertarian: Neeraj Murarka

Burnaby North

  • BC Green Party: Peter Hallschmid
  • BC Liberal Party: Richard T. Lee
  • BC NDP: Janet Routledge

Coquitlam-Burke Mountain

  • BC Liberal Party: Joan Isaacs
  • BC Green Party: Ian Donnelly Soutar
  • BC NDP: Jodie Wickens


  • BC Liberal Party: Steve Kim
  • BC NDP: Selina Mae Robinson
  • BC Green Party: Nicola Eyton Spurling
  • Libertarian: Jesse Velay-Vitow


  • BC Liberal Party: Jim Benninger
    BC NDP: Ronna-Rae Leonard
    BC Conservative Party: Leah Catherine McCulloch
    BC Green Party: Ernie Sellentin

Delta North

  • BC Liberal Party: Scott Hamilton
  • BC NDP: Ravi Kahlon
  • BC Green Party: Jacquie Miller

Delta South

  • BC Green Party: Larry Colero
  • BC Liberal Party: Ian Paton
  • BC NDP: Bruce Reid
  • BC Action Party: Errol Edmund Sherley
  • Independent: Nicholas Wong


  • BC NDP: Gail Chaddock-Costello
  • BC Conservative Party: Justin Greenwood
  • Libertarian: Robert Kerr Pobran
  • BC Liberal Party: Mary Polak
  • BC Green Party: Elizabeth Helen Walker

Langley East

  • BC Liberal Party: Rich Coleman
  • Libertarian: Alex Joehl
  • BC NDP: Inder Johal
  • BC Green Party: Bill Masse

Maple Ridge-Mission

  • BC Liberal Party: Marc Dalton
  • BC NDP: Bob D’Eith
  • BC Conservative Party: Trevor Hamilton
  • Libertarian: Jeff Monds
  • BC Green Party: Peter Pak Chiu Tam

Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows

  • BC NDP: Lisa Marie Beare
  • BC Liberal Party: Doug Bing
  • BC Conservative Party: Gary John O’Driscoll
  • BC Green Party: Alex Pope
  • Independent: Steve Ranta

New Westminster

  • BC Liberal Party: Lorraine Brett
  • Libertarian: Rex Brocki
  • BC Green Party: Jonina Campbell
  • BC Social Credit Party: James Crosty
  • BC NDP: Judy Darcy

North Vancouver-Lonsdale

  • BC NDP: Bowinn Ma
  • BC Green Party: Richard Warrington
  • Libertarian: Donald N.S. Wilson
  • BC Liberal Party: Naomi Yamamoto

North Vancouver-Seymour

  • BC NDP: Michael Rene Charrois
  • BC Green Party: Joshua Johnson
  • BC Liberal Party: Jane Ann Thornthwaite
  • Libertarian: Clayton Welwood

Port Coquitlam

  • BC Liberal Party: Susan Chambers
  • Libertarian: Lewis Clarke Dahlby
  • BC NDP: Mike Farnworth
  • BC Cascadia Party: Billy Gibbons
  • BC Green Party: Jason Hanley

Port Moody-Coquitlam

  • BC Green Party: Don Barthel
  • BC NDP: Rick Glumac
  • BC Liberal Party: Linda Reimer

Richmond North Centre

  • BC NDP: Lyren Chiu
  • BC Action Party: John Crocock
  • BC Green Party: Ryan Kemp Marciniw
  • Independent: Dong Pan
  • BC Liberal Party: Teresa Wat


  • Republican Party: Lawrence Chen
  • BC Conservative Party: Kay Khilvinder Hale
  • BC Liberal Party: Jas Johal
  • BC NDP: Aman Singh
  • BC Green Party: Michael Wolfe

Richmond South Centre

  • BC NDP: Chak Au
  • BC Green Party: Greg Powell
  • BC Liberal Party: Linda Reid


  • BC NDP: Kelly Greene
  • BC Green Party: Roy Sakata
  • BC Liberal Party: John Yap


  • BC Liberal Party: Marvin Hunt
  • BC Green Party: Aleksandra Muniak
  • Libertarian: Peter Poelstra
  • BC NDP: Rebecca Smith


  • BC Green Party: Tim Binnema
  • BC NDP: Jagrup Brar
  • BC Liberal Party: Peter Fassbender

Surrey-Green Timbers

  • BC Green Party: Saira Aujla
  • Independent: Vikram Bajwa
  • BC Liberal Party: Brenda Joy Locke
  • Your Political Party of BC (YPP): Kanwaljit Singh Moti
  • BC NDP: Rachna Singh


  • BC NDP: Garry Begg
  • BC Green Party: Jodi Murphy
  • Christian Heritage Party of BC: Kevin Pielak
  • BC Liberal Party: Amrik Virk


  • BC NDP: Harry Bains
  • Independent: Balpreet Singh Bal
  • BC Green Party: Richard Krieger
  • BC Liberal Party: Gurminder Singh Parihar


  • BC Refed: Liz Galenzoski
  • BC Green Party: Veronica Laurel Greer
  • BC Liberal Party: Puneet Sandhar
  • BC NDP: Jinny Sims

Surrey South

  • Libertarian: Josh Barrett
  • BC Liberal Party: Stephanie Cadieux
  • Independent: Gary Hee
  • Independent: Peter Njenga
  • Your Political Party of BC (YPP): Fabiola Cecilia Palomino
  • BC NDP: Jonathan Silveira
  • BC Green Party: Pascal Tremblay


  • BC Liberal Party: Sargy Chima
  • BC Green Party: Rita Anne Fromholt
  • Communist Party of BC: George Gidora
  • BC NDP: Bruce Ralston

Surrey-White Rock

  • Independent: Tom Bryant
  • BC Green Party: Bill Marshall
  • BC NDP: Niovi Patsicakis
  • BC Liberal Party: Tracy Redies


  • BC Green Party: Louise Boutin
  • Your Political Party of BC (YPP): Joey Doyle
  • BC Liberal Party: Gabe Garfinkel
  • BC NDP: George Heyman

Vancouver-False Creek

  • Your Political Party of BC (YPP): James Filippelli
  • Libertarian: Liz Jaluague
  • BC NDP: Morgane Oger
  • BC Citizens First Party: Phillip James Ryan
  • BC Green Party: Bradley Darren Shende
  • BC Liberal Party: Sam Sullivan


  • BC Liberal Party: Suzanne Anton
  • Your Political Party of BC (YPP): Harpreet S. Bajwa
  • BC NDP: George Chow
  • Libertarian: Hiroshi Hyde
  • BC Green Party: Eric Kolotyluk


  • Communist Party of BC: Kimball Mark Cariou
  • BC NDP: Shane Lee Simpson
  • BC Liberal Party: Jane Spitz
  • BC Green Party: David H.T. Wong


  • BC Liberal Party: Kim Jee Chan Logan
  • Your Political Party of BC (YPP): Ramanjit Kaur Dhillon
  • BC NDP: Mable Elmore
  • BC Green Party: Simon Alexander Rear


  • BC Conservative Party: Charles Bae
  • BC Green Party: Ellisa Calder
  • BC NDP: Adrian Dix
  • Your Political Party of BC (YPP): Brette Mullins
  • BC Liberal Party: Trang Nguyen


  • BC Green Party: Janet Rhoda Fraser
  • BC Liberal Party: Michael Lee
  • Your Political Party of BC (YPP): Surinder Singh Trehan
  • BC NDP: James Wang

Vancouver-Mount Pleasant

  • Independent: Mike Hansen
  • BC Green Party: Jerry Kroll
  • BC Liberal Party: Conny Lin
  • Communist Party of BC: Peter Marcus
  • BC NDP: Melanie Mark
  • Your Political Party of BC (YPP): Shai Joseph Mor

Vancouver-Point Grey

  • BC NDP: David Robert Patrick Eby
  • BC Green Party: Amanda Konkin
  • BC Liberal Party: James Lombardi
  • Your Political Party of BC (YPP): David Stall
  • Independent: Brian Taylor


  • BC Green Party: Michael Barkusky
  • BC NDP: Madeline Lalonde
  • Libertarian: William Morrison
  • BC Liberal Party: Andrew Wilkinson

Vancouver-West End

  • BC NDP: Spencer Chandra Herbert
  • Libertarian: John Clarke
  • Independent: Leon David Dunn
  • BC Liberal Party: Nigel Elliott
  • BC Green Party: James Marshall

West Vancouver-Capilano

  • BC Green Party: Michael Markwick
  • BC NDP: Mehdi Russel
  • BC Liberal Party: Ralph Sultan

West Vancouver-Sea to Sky

  • Libertarian: Michael Cambridge
  • Independent: Tristan Andrew Galbraith
  • BC NDP: Michelle Livaja
  • BC Liberal Party: Jordan Sturdy
  • BC Green Party: Dana Moore Taylor
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