BC government to spend $33 million to create 3,800 childcare spaces

Dec 5 2017, 1:12 am

Parents and guardians of young children will see much-needed additional daycare spaces in a plan by the provincial government to increase daycare services across BC.

Earlier Monday, the BC government announced a $33-million investment to create 3,800 new childcare spaces from 103 projects in 52 communities.

According to a release, the plan focuses on the areas of greatest need, including 847 infant and toddler spaces, 535 spaces in indigenous communities, and 1,153 spaces on school grounds.

More than half of the spaces will be provided by non-profit organizations, and 20% will be delivered by indigenous childcare providers.

“We are speeding up the creation of new child-care spaces to address years of pent-up demand for child care,” said Minister of State for Child Care Katrina Chen.

“Our February budget will show our long-term commitment to building a system of accessible, affordable and quality child care for families across the province.”

The funding will go towards building new childcare facilities, acquiring and assembling modular buildings, renovating an existing building, and buying playground equipment and furnishings.

BC is currently experiencing a shortage of childcare spaces, which is driving up costs for parents and guardians.

During this year’s election campaign, the BC NDP vowed to create a $10 per day affordable childcare program, which is expected to cost taxpayers $1.5 billion. In the current fiscal year, the provincial government is slated to spend $352.5 million on childcare.

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