We tried the newly launched, limited-edition BC Bite sandwich

Nov 23 2021, 4:47 pm

Let’s cut to the chase: we’re sandwich people. Few things in life bring us as much joy as sinking our teeth into one of these delicious handheld eats. Time doesn’t necessarily need to come into the equation. We’d probably eat a sandwich at 9 am — if it was the right sandwich.

That’s how we felt when we tried the all-new, limited-edition BC Bite sandwich this week. This yummy snack was brought to life as a result of a partnership between Oroweat Organic and local cafe-grocer DALINA. But it’s not your typical sando; it’s good for you and good for the planet, too.

Since the BC Bite — developed by Matt Sanderson, DALINA’s innovation chef — is available only until December 10 at DALINA stores in Vancouver and for delivery via go-to apps, we were eager to try it and let you in on the goodness you can anticipate.

This isn’t the first time Oroweat Organic has teamed up with DALINA for a tasty collaboration. Earlier this year, they joined forces to create the limited-time Oroweat Organic 50 Mile Menu — a collection of sandwiches made from ingredients produced within¬†50 miles of Vancouver.

And as we expected, the BC Bite lives up to the drool-worthiness of its forerunners. The sandwich is made using locally sourced, quality ingredients from BC farms, allowing you to know you’re supporting producers across Metro Vancouver every time you purchase one.

Designed to have a low-calorie count, the BC Bite sandwich is made with lean turkey as the protein, and with Oroweat Organic 22 Grains & Seeds Thin Sliced Bread (just 60 calories a slice). One of the first things we liked about it was this soft, whole grain bread. It tastes the same as your fluffy white bread, with the same texture, too, while being organic, plant-based and non-GMO certified. 

The balance of sweet and tangy mustard aioli was optimum and added to the sweetness of the Granny Smith apple, further complemented by the welcomed, crunchy texture of butter lettuce. Any other cheese enthusiasts out there will appreciate the fact that there are slices of white cheddar layered in, which sets the stage for the house-made turkey.

Incredibly fresh and moist, the turkey was not one bit dry — something we’ve experienced with sandwiches from other spots in the past. A couple of bites in, we could see how the ingredients used were the perfect match.

At the end of our tasting, we were surprised by how the BC Bite sandwich hit all of the boxes for a grab-and-go eat. It doesn’t need to be warmed up either, making it an easy choice for lunch if you’re in a rush and still want to eat something healthy. Best of all, it doesn’t have any of that soggy bread you often find with pre-made, grocery store-bought sandwiches.

The BC Bite sandwich is also wrapped in compostable packaging, helping divert waste from our landfills. With this sustainability-forward approach and their collaboration at large, Oroweat Organic and DALINA are reinforcing their commitment to the environment — for DALINA, through its commitment to sourcing local ingredients, and for Oroweat Organic, through its sustainably baked products.¬†

Produced locally in Langley, Oroweat Organic¬†uses certified organic ingredients grown in a way that helps make the soil richer and promotes biodiversity — and 100% of its baked waste goes to animal feed.

But that’s not all, it matches every bit of the energy that goes into baking its bread with¬†electricity produced from renewable sources and also matches 100% of the fuel usage that goes into delivering its bread with green certificates.

If you’re ready to try a sandwich that tastes good, makes you feel good, and lets you do good, visit DALINA’s Broadway or Main Street locations before December 10. You can also order the BC Bite sandwich via DALINA‚Äôs mobile ordering Craver app and Uber Eats.¬†


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