Bauer unveils protective masks for hockey players and fans

Jun 17 2020, 10:35 am

Following the success of making protective face shields for medical professionals, Bauer Hockey has announced a new line of masks to protect hockey players, coaches, and fans.

Given the difficulty of physical distancing in the sport, these new products could help hockey return to rinks across Canada this fall.

Among the three new products unveiled is the “Concept 3 Splash Guard,” which provides extra protection around the mouth, with “additional splash protection.” Bauer says the new accessory, which will be available for purchase in early August, will allow players to “maintain a high level of vision and breathability.”

Here’s a look at the new product, which Bauer has highlighted in blue for the photograph only:

The Canadian-founded hockey manufacturer has also unveiled two products for off-ice protection, including the “Integrated Cap Shield,” which attaches to the brim of a cap or can be worn separately. It has built-in anti-fog treatment, Bauer says, and complies with ANSI standards for protection against splash and splatter, and for droplet resistance.

It will also be available in early August.

In addition, Bauer has unveiled a reversible fabric mask, which is a product we should all be familiar with by now.

“We are so proud to have supported nurses and doctors on the front lines with medical-grade face shields,” said Dan Bourgeois, Bauer’s VP of Product Innovation. “This new Bauer lineup is inspired by that work and our commitment to One Team. As communities begin to re-open, we will combine this experience with our hockey-specific expertise to provide protection for the hockey community and in people’s everyday lives.”

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