One of North America's largest private islands is for sale in Canada (PHOTOS)

Jan 5 2019, 3:16 am

It’s one of North America’s largest private islands, and is for sale right here in Canada.

Located on Lake Superior in Ontario, Batchawana Island is an undeveloped 5,200-acre island situated about 45 km north of Sault Ste. Marie. It’s near the Canada/US border, and a less than 90-minute flight from Toronto.

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According to its listing, being completely forested and undeveloped, Batchawana Island appears today largely as it would have at any point in the last thousand years.

And the island is up for sale after being owned by the same person for more than 25 years.

Mark Lester, Senior Vice President at Unique Properties, told Daily Hive in 2018 that the American owner is from Detroit, and had purchased the land as a “legacy property.”

Courtesy of Colliers International

“He really liked the land, and he had some plans for the island,” said Lester. “There was a plan for a private hunting club, but he found it was too much for him to bite off.”

The island went up for sale around February 2018. For those looking for real estate opportunities, and have around $15 million banked, this could be a rare gem.

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Listed at $14,500,000 (down from 14,950,000 in early 2018), its price is comparable to some homes in certain Toronto and Vancouver neighbourhoods.

But of course, “an island like this is not for everybody,” Lester said.

It’s under a rural zoning designation, which allows for residential and recreational permits. Lester explained that fishing lodges and summer camps would be allowed to set up on the island.

And as it stands, nothing has been built on Batchawana Island.

Courtesy of Colliers International

“Completely forested, the island has remained largely untouched since it was last logged over 50 years ago,” states the listing.

While there are no people, the island’s new owner will have some wildlife for neighbours. Animals spotted around Batchawana include moose, wolves, and lots of deer.

The best part of having a private island is owning a private beach, which is available on the southern end of Batchawana, when the water is low.

Courtesy of Colliers International

By no stretch of the imagination is this your average real estate purchase. Not at all.

“It’s really quite spectacular,” said Lester. “It’s so unique, it’s really a fascinating property.”

Courtesy of Colliers International

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