Ontario Wildlife video about baby rabbit nests shared around the world

Jun 14 2017, 10:57 pm

Rabbit nests could be hidden in your lawn, and the Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. want to make sure you know that.

In a video that’s been viewed over 3.1 million times since it was first shared on May 27, the Brantford based company shows how to spot the nest, which is often filled with cute little baby rabbits.

“In this particular instance the home owner we were working for, brought to our attention that he saw the dry grass-patch on his front lawn had moved,” wrote Jared Houliston on the company’s website. “We knew right away that the patch of dried grass was a baby rabbits’ nest, so we decided it was the perfect time to educate our client, and the public on what to do if you find a baby rabbits’ nest on your front lawn.”

According to Houliston, if you find a patch of dried grass this time of year, there’s a high chance it’s a rabbit’s nest. And if you see a dried patch, Houliston recommends a few things:

  • lift it up gently by the sides to make sure the babies are under the patch
  • if there are babies under the patch, cut your lawn approximately 6 feet around the patch
  • use a weed-wacker to cut the remaining grass around the nest
  • if you have a dog or young children, quarantine the area off and regularly monitor the nest for it’s protection
  • regularly check the nest until the babies have grown up and have left the nest

And if you’re wondering what they look like, check out the viral video below. Just try not to melt your cold heart when you hear the baby rabbit squeal.

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