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Baby Boomers are 'bigger energy hogs' than Millennials: BC Hydro

Vincent Plana Mar 01, 2019 9:37 am 2,095

Although Baby Boomers might think of themselves as the more “energy-conscious generation,” that’s hardly the case, according to BC Hydro.

A new report from the company has found that despite their beliefs, the generation uses double the electricity Millennials do.

Boomers bills tend to be far higher as a result.

bc hydro

Average monthly bills from both baby boomers and millennials (BC Hydro).

What’s the reason for Boomers using more electricity? Larger homes, more appliances, and luxury amenities, paired with worse energy-consumption habits. They’re also (infinitely) more likely to have a secondary property.

The study found that 40% of Boomers live in a home that’s 2,000 square feet or larger while the same percentage of millennials live in a home half that size.

In fact, most Millennials are likely to live in homes that are smaller than 500 square feet, says the survey.

Larger homes and amenities also mean that Boomers are more likely to have items like pools and hot tubs, a wine and beer fridge, heated floors, and a home entertainment system,

bc hydro

The likelihood of baby boomers having luxury amenities over millennials (BC Hydro).

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BC Hydro also explains that Boomers are still big fans of traditional cable TV, with 85% of participants subscribing to a cable service.

A Boomers’ TV, PVR, and home theatre system use much more electricity compared to a Millennials’ tablet or laptop.

bc hydro

An energy comparison between a TV and a tablet (BC Hydro)

Boomers are also more likely to cook at home — one-third of participants reportedly make dinner at home seven nights a week. When they do, however, they’re most likely to use an oven, one of the highest consuming single-use appliances.

BC Hydro is reminding homeowners, regardless of generation, to opt for smaller appliances when cooking meals, using cold water when possible, and to look for ENERGY STAR-certified appliances when searching for new ones.

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