B.C. Home to the second most Marijuana Users in Canada

When it comes to marijuana use in Canada, the defacto province everyone thinks is toking up regularly is British Columbia. Although we are up there, a recent survey by Stats Canada reveals that Nova Scotians toke up a little more than the rest of Canada. Or they are simply the most honest about it.

In B.C., 14.2% said they smoked marijuana in the last 12 months, compared to 14.8% in Nova Scotia. The Canadian average is 12.2%.

The survey was done last year with Canadians aged 15 and older.

Percentage of People admitting to smoking marijuana  in Last 12 months

  1. 14.8% Nova Scotia
  2. 14.2% B.C.
  3. 12.1% Ontario
  4. 11.8% Alberta
  5. 11.5% Manitoba
  6. 11.5% Quebec
  7. 11.1% Newfoundland
  8. 11% New Brunswick
  9. 10.4% P.E.I.
  10. 10.1% Saskatchewan


Source: QMI Agency via Toronto Sun
Image: Andy Clark / Reuters