A&W introduces Canada's first weird-looking but fully compostable coffee cup

Mar 14 2022, 2:30 pm

A&W is piloting a new environmentally friendly coffee cup design in an effort to reduce single-use plastic waste in landfills.

Called the “Zero Cup,” its strange appearance has a purpose. It requires no lid or straw and contains no plastic liner, making it fully compostable and recyclable. According to A&W, they are the first major brand in North America to use the cup.

“Our new Zero Cup is an exciting step in our journey to reach zero waste,” said Susan Senecal, president and CEO of A&W Canada, in a statement. “Part of achieving that mission is pioneering the innovations that people need to live more sustainable lives. This new cup is one small way Canadians can take small, simple actions, one day at a time.”

The unconventional design is by UK-based Butterflycup. If you’re questioning the paper cup’s ability to hold your hot cup of joe, the brand guarantees no splashes, leaks or drips with its unique water-based coating that prevents leaks.

This video shows exactly how to drink out of this cup.

Zero Waste Canada, a non-profit organization that promotes zero waste policies and practices, says that roughly 14 billion cups of coffee are enjoyed in Canada every year. Of which, an estimated five billion are consumed in single-use cups that end up in landfills.

Mass adoption of a compostable coffee cup would help reduce this number by avoiding the use of plastic liners that can’t be recycled in most Canadian municipalities, according to A&W.

The pilot initiative rolls out in participating restaurants across the Greater Toronto Area on Monday. A&W guests can share their thoughts on trying the Zero Cup for the first time here.

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